New Beauty Products To Try for July/August 2014

As you know I always love trying new products especially when there is something practical and unique about them. Sometimes its just the amusement factor that gets me, but this month, I want to list the products I want to get my hands on. Collected from various sources.

1. Ardell Lashes by my favourite Disney princess – Ariel (aka The Little Mermaid)

This Disney-themed product by Ardell is a new limited-edition Ariel Lash Kit ($8) Contains lash adhesive and two bestselling sets of lashes: Demi Wispies and a Double Up set in either 203, 204, or 205. 


2.  Comptoir Sud Pacifique perfume from Sephora. Referred to as a “comfort food” fragrance, the apricot-vanilla-papaya blend ($32) is sugary sweet without being sickening. I really want to get my hand on this one! 


3. Repetto Eau de Toilette Spray

French ballet brand Repetto has launched its first-ever Eau de Toilette Spray ($75). The fragrance is meant to capture that elegant moment backstage before a dancer goes out in front of the audience. Contains musky rose notes balances with cherry blossom, pear, vanilla, and amber woods. This fragrance is meant to be über romantic and feminine. 


4. Hydro Power Eyeshadow, Shiseido $25

Comes in a handy pot and variety of colours. I’ve heard so many good things about Shiseido eyeshadow, but sadly when I purchased my first shadows from this brand a while ago, I dropped the package and never had a chance to use :(

Cosmo’s Aya Kanai picks this as a top shadow to use so I guess I have to try it now!


5. Hydro Aid Moisturising Mist, Sulwhasoo $45

This product is recommended for use before and after a workout at the gym to keep your skin hydrated in a flash.



6. Aria 3 Cleansing System, Clarisonic $199

It’s recommended to thoroughly cleanse with an exfoliating brush after each gym session. This product can be used in the shower for extra pore-clarification. I might throw mine in the gym bag next time I’m working out :)



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Instagram 5K Giveaway! #liveshoptravel


I’m giving away this beauty pack on Instagram to thank my 5,000 followers. If you’re on Instagram – Share and #liveshoptravel for your chance to win.

What the pack contains:

Clearasil Daily Clear Daily Wash

Moschino Perfume I Love Love

Biore Moisture Lotion

Max Factor Lipstick

Rimmel Eyeshadow (x3)

Skinfood Tomato Whitening Kit (sample pack)

Scottish Fine Soaps Good Luck Savon Soap


Open to this with Australian postal address only.

Closes 12/08/14


Good Luck!

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Get Your Lips Lipstick Ready and Chap Free

There are two products I recommend to use when your lips turn into a shedding mess in the sun and/or the wind.
1. A good lip scrub
2. A lip mask (yes a mask for your lips!)

1. I got my lip scrub from Sephora a while ago and so far used it a couple of times to get smooth, polished lips. Your lips will shed a lot of skin on a daily basis and this scrub acts as an exfoliating agent – the same thing as you would do for your skin.
IMG_5061The Fresh Sugar Lip Polish has brown sugar and is a soft exfoliant for your dry and chapped lips.





It’s quite thick in consistency and if you apply a small amount, thats usually enough to get your lips to appear fresh and pinky again.

2. Here is a lip mask I got from Tony Moly in Broadway shopping centre.

There’s a new beauty stand on level 1 (opposite Kmart) and they stock Tony Moly cosmetics and skincare. There are also a few japanese beauty items. Its a pretty cool open store and you won’t break the bank purchasing some staple beauty items from there.

The lip mask is $5 and I decided to use it now because my lips are very dry and chapped from the cold. I use my balms and ointments every morning and night but that doesn’t always seem to do the trick.


Apply this patch to balm/lipstick free lips and wait 15-20 minutes. The jelly-like patch works by sealing in moisture for your lips.

What are your go to remedies to save your lips from dryness?


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