Trip to Typo

I’ve blogged about my Typo “Bullshit” stamp before and now have discovered that browsing the Typo stores in person is so much more exciting !

After spending about two hours in one of the Typo locations on the weekend, I’ve once again confirmed that I am in love with stationery.

I am going to be investing a bit more time into this blog and wanted to pick out some ‘inspirational’ stuff which will help me stay creative and I really do need somewhere to jot down ideas when an iPhone notepad is just not enough.

Here is what I ended up choosing:

For the ideas which are hard to describe in just words and too big to keep in your head:

Love is the message book

Vintage looking inspirational book with Property of mark on the back cover, reminds me of school days and date/subject line are printed on every page. Very girly touch.

‘Love is the message’ workbook

RRP $9.95

Store: Typo

Uni Journal

I’ve searched low and far for a journal for everyday scribbles but with lines, squares and patterns to keep the writing fun. This one had it all

‘Uni Journal’

RRP $ 24.95

Store: Typo

Pretty happy with my note books, I also got something gadgety just because my iPhone deserves some TLC

There's more to life than reading books

iPhone case/cover

‘there’s more to life than reading books’

RRP $10.00

Store: Typo

For a full list of products and store locations click here

The how to: On organising people for an overseas Wedding

Important not to overpanick yourself is probably step 1

Forming the big picture into a number of small steps is step 2

But above and beyond that, what we did was built a website!

I thought I’d capture it’s life here before the hosting runs out and we no longer need it, since we have Facebook anyway.

I got the website designer, my friend Matt from MindArc to include an RSVP function where invited guests could put their Yes, Nos and Maybes in an electronic format and we printed the website on the wedding invitations to make it easier. This eliminated the need of cards and envelopes with tick boxes.

Our friends and family from overseas could easily type in the URL, enter their names and submit their response.

We live in the 21st century, I think its about time we did everything in an easier format. I just wish the website could have planned and executed the Wedding as well :)

Here are some snapshots of what it looks like:

Information on Activities in Koh Samui, Thailand

Information on Airfares:

The Menu:

Venue setup details:


If the website is still up, you can have a look at a live version here:


Our Wedding in Thailand – The Trailer

In recent news – my fiance and I got married on the 24th of January 2012 in Koh Samui, Thailand.

It was a beautiful day, stressful leading up to it, but went smoothly on the actual day ! I have my good friend to thank for all the support through the long distance phone calls assuring me that it would all be ok and the worse the wedding the better the marriage. There is a reason people get married once in their life – I now know that as a hard fact!

The most amazing thing which I am grateful for from the day are the smiles of our close family and friends and this video. I love the fact that we can share this with those who couldn’t be there on the day, but still feel like they were largely a part of it.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Courtesy to Nice Print photo – the team of two people who flew in at almost midnight the night before the wedding were able to produce this beautiful video in only a couple of hours or less, and we were actually able to show this trailer during the reception dinner.

Everyone was very impressed!

Thank you Nice Print!