EpicNail kit review – foil nail art and a special offer for my readers

What is foil nail art?

I was intrigued to find out and when I got my EpicNail kit in the mail, was quite excited to try this new nail decoration product.


The kit comes in a box and contains little foils, rolled up in tubes, similar to rolls of film, orange sticks and a small bottle of glue.


I displayed all the foils on the top of the box here – there are a lot of colours and patterns to choose from>


IMG_5047The first time I tried the foils I did one nails with hearts:

IMG_5048For demonstrative purposes on this blog I chose a black, glitter lace effect nail foil.

IMG_5049Step 1. Coat your nails in nail polish of choice. I did a plain red and a top coat layer on my hands and feet.

Step 2. You can choose to apply the foil directly to your drying polish, but I found the glue that comes with the kit to be more effective.

I waited till my nail polish dried and applied a thin layer of glue. The glue goes on white but you have to wait for it to turn clear. This is very important. I tried applying the foil to the glue while still ‘white’ and it was a fail. So wait for it to turn completely clear.


Once the glue is at the right sticky level (when its clear), apply the foil. I cut it up in small -ish manageable pieces. Apply to nail firmly, with pattern side up.


when removed the pattern should stay on the nail.



Step 3. If you aren’t able to achieve the look in a smooth peel off action. (this happens to me), opt in for a dabbing effect. Where you’ve got patches of ‘naked’ nail, apply a bit more glue and continue with dabbing process.

The result should be very close to the pattern you’re applying :)

Here is the look I achieved through a peel off (because this time I was patient and waited for the glue to go clear!)

IMG_5059 IMG_5058

The Essentials Kit can be found here on the EpicNail website and RRP is $36.99

There are enough foils in the kit to create over 60 different manicures, so it will last you a while :)

As a special offer for all my awesome readers EpicNail are offering free standard shipping on all orders with a product spend of $30 or more.

To redeem this voucher simply enter the code

BLOGTRAVEL into the coupon code box prior to checkout.

This offer is valid until the 31st of December.



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  1. Sunshine

    I received this too and ordered the same box =) I found that the holographic (Pipe Dream) design worked the best. Also, I leave the glue on for a minimum of 2 minutes now because I found that it transfers the pattern better. Hope this helps x ♥

    • LiveShopTravel

      I haven’t tried the holographic yet, will have to do over the weekend. I think you’re right about the glue. sometimes it’s really hard to apply it in a thin layer. Thank you for the tip! xxx

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