3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Highlighter and Fresh Aqua Mist Review

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Highlighter and Fresh Aqua Mist Review

I love Korean beauty and skincare products! My fascination with brands like Tony Moly, Etude House, Innisfree and Skinfood knows no boundaries. All Korean beauty/skincare brands one should know and try at least one thing ( spoken by a true beauty addict!)

Today I want to introduce you to a new (ish) in Australia, Korean beauty brand called 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes. This brand was born with the Style Nanda stores in Korea. I went into the Hong Dae flagship store while in Seoul last year and it was amazing! I literally want to buy everything shared on their Facebook right now, but steer myself away so as not to end up living on the street (lol).

Anyway, I decided to try their 3CE makeup to start off with because I’ve heard great reviews and the trendy products with new colours on offer continue to entice me through social media.

You can now purchase your 3CE products and satisfy those cravings on the Skinlosophy online store – Australian owned and offers free express postage with a $99 spend. Every bit helps!

They stock all those Korean skincare/makeup brands we love but have a hard time getting our hands on, if living in Australia or New Zealand.

I got the 3CE Marble Highlighter in Bling Peach


3CE bling highlighter 2

I am also using the 3CE Fresh Aqua Mist


mist bottle mist

Me before :)

face 2 before before

To put on the 3CE Marble Highlighter I used a Blush Brush and just swirled around the pot. I then proceeded to apply to my cheekbones , forehead and nose.

brush brush squeezed brush dipped application application 2

I also used a bit of a bronzer on my cheeks just instead of a blush. The one I used is by a German brand Lavera. They specialise in organic cosmetics and I really like this bronzer. You can see I’ve used it to the bone :)

lavera lavera openFinished result:

after after 2

In the end I spritz with the 3CE Fresh Aqua Mist to help keep skin hydrated and glowing. The spray smells amazing and helps you stay refreshed whether you’re at work, out and about on the wekend or on holiday.

spray 2 spray

You can see how much brighter my skin looks and overall there is a healthier glow. I really like highlighting products. They are fun to use, brighten up any complexion and give your skin  a needed pick me up!

What are your favourite highlighters for the skin? Let me know in the comment section!





  • WengC

    3CE is becoming super popular I agree! Thanks for suggesting Skinlosophy, I’ll be sure to check them out because I haven’t been online shopping that much and really like it when a site is Australian owned- just that extra bit of assurance for me anyway. These products really do make your skin glow , I use the ‘Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Nude Palette for Face and Eyes’ (wae name so long ._. ) so yeah :)


    • http://www.liveshoptravel.com/ Liveshoptravel

      I used to use Physicians formula before they rebranded, I see a lot of cool products from them. Will be sure to check them out again. Lol, Yea, the shimmer strips name is quite long but I guess it describes exactly what you get! hehe

  • http://www.kimkine.blogspot.com/ Kimkine

    I love 3CE but find their products a bit out of my student price range. Oh I was just looking into getting a lavers foundation! I’m interested in using more natural cosmetics from now on. Where did you get the bronzer from? And have you used any of their other products?

  • KPsays

    I love Asian cosmetics/skincare! Duh! I’m half Asian! :D I’ve never heard of 3CE. Must check them out pronto!!!

    • http://www.liveshoptravel.com/ Liveshoptravel

      :) I defo recommend this brand. They’ve started out of this really awesome store called Style Nanda in korea. Check out their clothes as well :) I just bought an outfit from them this week hehe Will let u know if its good x

  • Ange

    I like Clinique Up-Lighting fluid in natural. I use the tiniest amount and that little bit of highlight is absolutely magic at making the face look more “awake” (especially for a shift worker like me, haha). However, I’ve upped the ante recently and bought Guerlain Mythic Voyage powder… holy mother of gaaaaah! It’s less of a highlighter, per se, and more of an amazing, Photoshop-like WOW powder, haha. It’s so subtle, impossible to photograph, but in real life, I was actually shocked how instantly beautiful and glowy it made me!

    The Guerlain Voyage compact is $191 (eeeeek, screw that!), so I bought the refill only for $66 and put it in a $7 compact that I bought on eBay, and it fits perfectly. :-)

    • http://www.liveshoptravel.com/ Liveshoptravel

      I love Guerlain makeup! Good thinking on purchasing a compact separately and then buying the refill!!! I might do that too haha! Thanks for letting me know about Guerlain powder, I already own their Meteorite beads, but have been dying to try the powders! xx

      • Ange

        Guerlain is so lovely, isn’t it? Their lipsticks are perfection and the powders make you so glowy and pretty. I love the waft of violet scent that comes from their products! Expensive, but I think anything that makes you feel fabulous is well worth the money. :-)

        I do have to retract my Clinique recommendation. It has since been dethroned by RMS Living Luminizer. It has a more natural sheen to it, the kind that makes you look noticeably nicer yet people can’t put their finger on why you look noticeably nicer… and if it’s good enough for Miranda Kerr and Ruth Crilly, it’s perfect for me! :-D