Beauty Story, A New Hair and Beauty Salon in Sydney CBD, A Review

Beauty Story, A New Hair and Beauty Salon in Sydney CBD, A Review

One of my very early blog posts was about FM Hair in Sydney CBD. I love that salon and have been going there religiously for about 5 years. I’ve blogged about them earlier here and then again here when I got my “new hair” with a fringe.

Recently I’ve discovered a new salon which is located on Liverpool street. It’s in the walkway off Liverpool street, connecting you to the World Square shopping area. I was working nearby and saw that there was a new cozy hair salon and a nail bar in one venue called Beauty Story.

Before going to Bali, I decided to try out Beauty Story and get a shellac manicure. I have long stopped getting shellac because I saw some brittleness in my nails, but for a holiday and when I need to keep my hands presentable such as when meeting new people at work, I like shellac because it lasts and just looks polished and neat longer.

Shellac was the original brand that started the whole UV lamp polish revolution, but there are so many brands now that have released nail polishes with the same properties. The good thing about it is that there are thousands of colours to choose from now so you’ll have to make up your mind on which colour you want before sitting down with a nail technician. I chose bright orange because I was already in holiday mode at the time.

Beauty Story Salon

Nailpolish Selection at Beauty Story

I paid $55 for Classic Manicure – Shellac polish including cuticle care, massage and shaping.

There is also an option to do a Mini Manicure, just Shellac polish with shaping for $25 (This is a good option when you’re in a hurry and super affordable!)

Shellac Orange Mimco Bracelet Instagram capture of Orange Nails in Bali

When I got back from Bali (another story on being stuck in Bali due to Volcanic ash later), I went back to Beauty Story to take off my gel polish and got a more neutral colour on visibly shorter and more practical nails.

Beauty Story Nail Saon Korean Sydney

Showing off my new Peachbox jewellery with Neutral Shellac by Beauty Story

I enjoyed both of my experiences. The least enjoyable part of the experience is removing the old gel polish because it requires a soak off. I tried to remove Shellac/gel polish at home and it’s always a mess. The nail technicians at Beauty Story are really good at removing the old polish, doing it quickly, efficiently and painlessly. I have found in the past that nail salon technicians can be a bit rough when it comes to removing gel colour and the acetone soak off is harsh enough without that. At Beauty Story, I was confident both times that I wouldn’t get any pulls or cuts because the girls were so professional.

From the looks of it the equipment they use is always sterilised and the nail tools come in individually packaged sterilised pouches which is always good to see. I can’t do manicure/pedicures any more if I see that the nail tools have been used on multiple people without sterilising in between. You see it a lot in Thailand or Philippines and recently Bali. I didn’t like the look of that at all.

I also got my hair washed and blow dried both times when I got my nails done. That’s the beauty of this place, you can get everything done in one go. I never had to make appointments and was able to get service right away.

A wash and blow dry for my hair length (relatively long) costs $30 at Beauty Story. I recognised (from what I am guessing is) one of the owners or the owner and he used to work at FM hair salon. I guess I feel like I am in good hands since I have watched him work on a few people and the results are always amazing. Seriously, you will know who I am talking about straight away. The only guys in the salon with long-ish hair and glasses. :)

I didn’t get my hair styled by him, but a couple of other hair stylists. I didn’t want to go too curly this time and asked for loose waves. Wasn’t disappointed.

Beauty Story Hair Styling Sydney CBD

Loose Waves After a Wash and Blow Dry

If you want to be sure there are appointments, best to call up especially if you’re travelling into the city. I would say 90% of the time they’ll serve you right away or within a 5-10 minute waiting period.

For all details – MAP and Phone number click here

Address: SHOP 5/ 123 Liverpool st, Sydney CBD 2000

Phone: 02 9262 9292

Open hours: 10am – 8pm (As far as I know, Every day of the week). Their Google+page says otherwise but I’ve been there on a Saturday and a Sunday both times.

Other services include Facials, Massage, Eyelash Extensions, Perm, Hair Treatments, Hair Colour, Waxing.

* I was not endorsed/paid/sponsored to write this review. This is an honest review from personal experience at Beauty Story. All opinions are my own.