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The First Ever Sephora Store Opening in Sydney – What You Need to Know

Sephora-Marc-Jacobs-Beauty-and-plans-for-the-future.2Soo, its been long enough I say! Travelling to many places globally, my perception is that Sephora exists everywhere in the world except Australia. It would also be very helpful if it was located in one of the biggest airports in the world, the LAX (Thanks for considering this plea!) so that stopover time can be less painful in the future.

Sephora is coming to Sydney – the first ever store to open in Australia since the brand was first formed in the 1970. It’s not so bad when you look at a timeline for US and the first store for the States was open in 1998, makes us feel a bit better. We’re only 16 years behind that important date, not nearly half a century from the birth of the brand. (That would be embarrassing!)

With online shopping now available, we can browse the glorious virtual store at any  hour of the night or day, but is that the same thing? The one thing about Sephora is that it is a place that a beauty junkie like myself would highly compare to something resembling ‘heaven on earth’. Religious folk, don’t judge too harshly, and admit it, you’ve been to Sephora stores and forgot about time for an hour or too also, so we’re not so different after all.

sephora-bangkok-shopWhat do we love most about the stores? The variety of brands, from Sephora’s own in-house branded products ranging from make up brushes to body washes, and then there are the haute couture, fashion house, high fashion brands which release a myriad number of amazing beauty products we all love. The likes of Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Chanel, Guerlain have all been on the shelves of Sephora and for those who have tried to stay away from bags which you weigh up against an overseas holiday (all expenses paid) find it almost impossible to stay away from a little luxury starting with ‘just one spray’.Professional photography by Indian photographer Naina Redhu

Here are some of the brands already confirmed for launch in Australia: Full ranges of Marc Jacobs Beauty, Tarte, Kat Von D, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Andre Fullerton, Boscia, Skin Inc, For Beloved One, Formula X, Percy & Reed have all been confirmed for sale in Australia. More brands are to be announced in the coming months. (SMH)

I personally look forward to the likes of Urban Decay, Too Faced, Guerlain and MAC (expended range) and Sephora in house brand products.


One question remains – will we, the Australia consumers who have waited so long for this bliss of beauty products to descend on our shores, still have the benefits of US prices? After all, if it wasn’t for being able to afford the more staple beauty items, how could we ever afford a little luxury now and then?

Sources tell us that Sephora Australia is going to match US prices.

And again:

Sephora Australia will match the makeup and haircare prices of its US counterpart, making it the first beauty mecca to bring affordable cosmetics to the local masses. (Yahoo)


Now all that’s left to do is hold on to our seats and wait till December when Pitt s Mall in Sydney CBD will one day transform into queues of women lining up for hours to peek into the first Sephora store. For most it won’t be their first at all, but it will be the first for Australia, the first for Sydney, and that’s good enough for us!

What Sephora stocked products are you most excited about?


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WIN Mini Speakers! Power to You, the Consumer! Alphatise App Launches to Revolutionise the Shopper Sphere

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.34.07 PMAlphatise is the new social commerce marketplace that will bring a whole new approach to e-commerce for shoppers and gives you the chance to have a say in what you pay.

Alphatise lets you create a wish list by selecting a brand or product (choose from over 40,000 stores and 10Million products. Make an offer to that product or store and wait for it to come through. This can be either a % discount or a price you’d like to pay. Sort of like real time bargaining, but not in a marketplace, this is a total e- commerce experience through an app.

How does it work?

1. Search, Scan, Discover
Find all your favourite stores or anything you need to buy.

2. Wish
Set the price you’d like to pay, or the discount you want.

3. Offers
Wait for offers that match your wishes. Accept an offer, reject it, or send it to a friend. Redeem your offer in store or shop online.



Visit the website here:

We’ve paired up with Alphatise to run a giveaway for you my readers!

10 Lucky peeps will win these mini Alphatise speakers.

How cool are they?

Alphatise Speakers



1. Download the Alphatise app using the link HERE

2. Make a wish on an item or store with your Alphatise app

3. Screenshot this wish list item and share on Instagram with #liveshoptravel #alphatiseaustralia Tag @alphatiseaustralia

Thats it! The lucky winners will be drawn on the 28th of August and published on the blog.

Good luck!



Must have a valid Australian postal address to enter.

Closes on the 27th of August (midnight).

10x Winners will be drawn and published on the 28th of August 2014.

Prize cannot be exchanged for cash.



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PhotoBox custom canvas – my creation with holiday photos

I recently took to paining a bit to decorate the apartment. It used to take me a few hours to finish a painting and now for some reason it takes a few days. It’s a rewarding but lengthy experience in other words.

What are other ways I could decorate the blank walls of our apartment ? I love to travel and so keep all my travelling photos on my iphone. When I was running out of room in the memory bank I couldn’t bring myself to deleting the holiday snaps. Why? I so often flick through my holiday photos on my phone it’s almost sad. When I’m feeling a bit bored, upset or just in need of positive energy, I go through my holiday shots to remember the good vibes :)

What better way than to encapsulate these trip highlights onto a canvas and hang on a prominent wall somewhere in the apartment?

An easy way to put this sort of decorative wall canvas together is on a site called Photobox.

Photobox lets you select the type of project you want. I wanted a wall canvas but there are loads of other cool ideas to personalise photo books and print photos of your favourite memories. Upload your favourite photos and be as creative as  you like.

At the moment there’s also a 25% off all orders over $35. I am tempted to get another one because I just received our canvas and its so awesome! (This offer finishes on Thursday this week, 5 June)

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 2.32.37 PM

Below is a screenshot of the process of my canvas creation with the thumbnails being the photos I’ve selected to include on the print.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 4.04.29 PM

The website is really easy to use and if you create a login the system saves your details and projects to help you take some time out and come back to your creations.

I’ve selected My Classic Canvas and uploaded all types of photos from the different trips we’ve made with my husband.

Size: 76.2 x 50.8 cm

  • Printed on polycotton canvas
  • 3.8cm wooden frame
  • Machine stretched
  • Options to wrap photo around edges
  • Dispatched in just 1 working days
  • All PhotoBox Classic Canvas Prints come fully assembled and with a hanging kit

This is the final result:


A cool looking canvas with black borders which has all our travel photos on it.




The photos are very bright and good quality. I was worried that some of them would be blurry as we lost a lot of the Peru holiday pics when my laptop got stolen. The ones featured here I got from Facebook and they turned out great! We absolutely love the canvas and its such a beautiful memory of all our travels.


Looking absolutely awesome in our living room. I love having this photo memory in the house. As you can tell I am absolutely thrilled about it and would recommend Photobox to anyone for that memorable gift or those special anniversary, wedding, baby photos and  more.

Have you tried canvas printing or maybe you paint yourself. Share your home decorating ideas in the comment section below :)


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