La Biosthetique Signature Treatment Review. Now available at Luxurious Lizard Island Essentia Spa!

La Biosthetique Signature Treatment Review. Now available at Luxurious Lizard Island Essentia Spa!

If you’re thinking of your next travel destination for a getaway, have a think about receiving a premium spa treatment with luxurious Parisian range of skincare products form La Biosthetique at an exclusive island resort with a cool name.

Lizard Island had officially reopened its doors to guests this month. The Essentia Day Spa is going to be providing signature treatments for guests and as there is only one resort on the island, you can completely relax in the tranquility of North Queensland tropics and enjoy all the Day spa has to offer.

Lizard Island Kayaking

Lizard Island Paradise

A bit of history on Lizard Island -

It was named Lizard Island by captain Cook because lots of large lizards aka iguanas were spotted living on this remote piece of land in the Pacific Ocean.

Due to cyclone damage earlier this year the resort had to be rebuilt and fixed up. A multi million dollar investment went into the island to make it pristine, beautiful and superbly luxurious again. With all that work, Lizard Island is set to reclaim its position as one of the World’s leading premium resort.

Now although I haven’t been to the resort yet, I have been able to try out the signature spa treatment at the Sydney HQ for La Biosthetique – Bauhaus Hair in Waterloo.

Bauhaus Hair Waterloo Sign

Bauhaus Hair Lobby Collage

Bauhaus Hair Salon Interier

Bauhaus Hair: Entry, Lobby and Salon

This treatment is now available at Essentia, the island spa. It’s a 2 hour treatment that lets your tension melt away and gives your body a full nourishment and relaxation.

The treatment I had was a full body exfoliation and a customised facial using La Biosthetique products inspired by a Nobel Prize discovery in age management.

Bauhaus Hair is a great salon. I’ve walked passed a few times but didn’t realise how big it was on the inside. It’s mainly a hair salon but they also do body and facial treatments.

For the first time in my life I was going through a La Biosthetique skin test with special colourful serums which upon wiping the side of my jaw and nose, could tell me which type of skin I had – oily vs dry, dehydrated or normal. It turns out I have dehydrated skin, so I’ll be extra careful from now on with nourishing my body with enough water during the day and then also using skincare products to moisturise my skin really well.

La Biosthetique Skin Testing Products

La Biosthetique Skin Testing

Sarah, who was my beauty and spa therapist, walked me through the treatment after doing the skin consultation.

The scrub was extremely gentle and the wrap relaxed me so much I wanted to fall asleep immediately. Talk about complete relaxation!

When I was all wrapped up and cozy Sarah started the facial.

Essentia Spa Brushes

La Biosthetique Essentia Spa Brushes

I loved it so much and my skin is still glowing with radiance from all the beautiful products that were put on my skin. The whole procedure starts with a ritualistic brush massage which welcomes you to the signature treatment at the spa and helps release any tension. It’s easy to continue chatting away, but after the soft bristles started to swirl around my complexion, all I wanted to do was be quite and very still and just enjoy the experience.

My favourite part was the masque that was applied and also I think vitamin capsules! Sarah explained to me that the vitamin capsules were like multivitamins for your skin. To be used especially in times of stress or lack of rest. Just like our body, our skin needs nourishment and this treatment surely delivers all the goodness in one little capsule, like a serum, but in a little silicon pill.

I might do a cheeky getaway to Lizard Island soon just to experience the spa treatments in this amazing resort, since I am already sold on the treatments!


Lizard Island Bookings

More on Essentia Spa

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Hotel Tonight? Australia, Get Ready to Plan Less, Live More!

Hotel Tonight? Australia, Get Ready to Plan Less, Live More!

Australia, get ready to hotel it up!

The new Hotel Tonight – fresh out of San Francisco, has officially launched in Sydney.

I ended up at Radisson Blu on Tuesday night (random right?) after the official launch event at a ‘secret’ hotel location. The experience was SPONTANEOUS. The whole idea behind the Hotel Tonight APP is PLAN LESS< LIVE MORE.

And that is exactly what happened – completely unplanned, I was checking into a hotel room at 10.30 at night on a tuesday. Yay room service!

The evening of Tuesday night we got invited to a secret hotel at a secret location with a secret dinner (you get the idea, it was secret! And that is what made it extra fun!)

I got my mystery hat on and came along for the ride!


We got cocktails and dinner – PLAN LESS. TASTE MORE.

hotel tonight launch Australia

We got a preview of what it’s like to be booking though the Hotel Tonight App on the night. PLAN LESS. SURF MORE.

Plan less surf more hotel tonight


And at the end of the night we got to spin a wheel of fortune and I WON a Free night’s stay at Radisson Blu. Completely random! We even received a very thoughtful overnight bag that had all the ‘essentials’ in order to be spontaneous.



Room service rocks!

It takes less than 10 seconds in most instances to be booked into a hotel room of your choice. The choices are only the top luxury hotels in your location, and you don’t get too many ( I think we were told around 15 hotels per night will be available in your city of choice so that you only get the top deals).

The value you save on hotels can be up to 70% off the original price per night and the longer you wait the better the deal gets.

Shhh, insider tip – after 3pm each day, the deals get better!

More on the official launch here from Techly

The app is completely free to download so go nuts and live spontaneously – go on you need a bit of fun in your life!

iOS Download

Android Download

Three Reasons Why You Should Throw a Halloween Party This Year

Three Reasons Why You Should Throw a Halloween Party This Year

Life should be full of excuses to get together, to enjoy the company of friends and to indulge in a little revelry. So instead of saving your festivities for Christmas and New Years, why not break out the streamers a little early this year and enjoy the excitement of Halloween? Here are three reasons why you should throw a Halloween party this October.


The sheer delight of dress-ups

Cool Halloween Costumes Collection

 With its traditional emphasis on getting dressed up and scaring the senses out of each other, Halloween presents the best opportunity on the annual calendar to stage a full-scale dress-up party. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love slipping into an alter-ego for an evening and pretending to be someone or something else?

The practice of dressing up at Halloween is said to have its roots in Pagan festivals around Hallowtide, and traditionally costumes are meant to represent frightening or supernatural themes. It’s thought in Celtic traditions, the costumes were designed to resemble or placate evil spirits. However, since the 1930s costumes have taken a more mass media turn, meaning it’s the norm to come as your favourite cartoon character or famous personality.

I have collated some cool Halloween costume ideas above. Looks like these people got creative and worked on their costumes themselves. If you’re short of time or don’t have as much creative flair as these people, there are some great costume hire shops in Australia, such as Disguises,  where any flight of costume fancy can be turned into a Halloween reality. Check out this post for more inspiration.


We love to be scared

 Halloween is the night that taps into the inner adrenalin we feel when we encounter something spooky or downright frightening. It’s a celebration of the things that get the spine tingling, the nerves a little frayed and the shivers going. The fascination is the same that sees you rent a scary movie or deliberately jump out from behind something to scare a friend.

That’s not to mention the spooky factor either. Halloween traditionally has its roots in rituals of death and prayers for the souls of the departed. Marked in the Christian faith, it also has ties to Roman and Pagan traditions surrounding death, hence the fascination with ghosts that form such a basis for Halloween.


Exciting for the kids

Unique Halloween Costume For Kids Collection

Halloween has all the ingredients that children relish – costumes, a little bit of spooky stuff and the chance to dress in character (how cute and wacky are the different costumes above?), so it’s a great opportunity to gather some friends and children for a night of fun.

And then of course there’s the trick-or-treat element. Trick-or-treating is believed to have its origins in a medieval practice known as ‘souling’, which involved going door-to-door on Hallowmas (November 1), receiving food in return for prayers for the dead. Meanwhile, the Middle Ages also had a number of festivals involving people dressing in costume and going door-to-door to receive treats.

Far from its supernatural origins, these days, Halloween represents an opportunity to dress up, decorate the house and engage in some fun. It’s the chance to share an enjoyable evening amongst friends, with a nod to the more superstitious traditions of the past.

Will you be celebrating this year?






HomeHello – So Your House Can Be Spotlessly Clean!

HomeHello – So Your House Can Be Spotlessly Clean!

My least favourite activity when I’ve got spare time is cleaning. I can tidy and make the bed, stack and unstack the dishwasher, do the washing, but a full house clean can take up to 4 hours to do. Even then, I wouldn’t prize myself in performing as good of a task as a professional would. So when I got a chance to trial Australia’s newest Cleaning Services Website HomeHello, I decided to give them a go!

The process is simple -

1. Sign up to HomeHello

2. Book a cleaner for the day/time you wish

3. Leave the house for a few hours and get your dwelling spotlessly clean!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.37.31 pm

That’s just what we did! I left some instructions for the allocated person who was visiting us on the day and she followed all the instructions fully. The whole idea behind the website is that cleaners can register themselves on the site and then get matched up with those who are seeking their services. I must say, when you know that it’s a person from a website coming to visit your house, you do feel a bit uneasy at first. Then when we left for 3 hours, I felt like I let a complete stranger in my house. Despite that feeling, I know that it would be silly for someone to do anything strange in your house because their files are on record with HomeHello and they assure that every person listed on their site undergoes a strict check and a face to face interview. It’s nice to have that guarantee but there is still a big worrying cloud in your head – to tell you the truth. I was quite sceptical at the beginning….

I booked a cleaner for 3 hours and the website did an assessment of what was required and the consensus was that 3 hours is probably not enough time to do 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and kitchen + living area. You can then choose to prioritise the services you need so I listed living area and the two bathrooms as priority. Our originally allocated cleaner couldn’t make it so I received an email from HomeHello on Saturday that we had someone named Greta coming instead. I thought that was quite impressive for an online service to email on a Saturday and also the cleaner to come in Sunday afternoon. Greta called once she was outside, having shown up exactly on time. Good start I thought! I then showed her around the apartment and where the cleaning supplies were. We then left our home in the hands of HomeHello!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.45.55 pm

Upon our return the only thing I saw was that Greta did an amazing job. She stayed for the full 3 hours ( we saw her pop out of the front of the apartment building just as we were driving into the carpark – not that we were deliberately there at that time). To be honest, I thought that she might finish quickly and leave earlier – its a Sunday after all, and I wouldn’t have minded at all! But no she stayed the full hours allocated and when we got back the house was spotlessly clean. She went above and beyond our expectations and I was very happy with the service. You’ll receive a message once the clean is finished and then there is an option to review your cleaner on the site. You’ll only get charged once the clean is complete and if you’re not 100% happy another cleaner will come and clean your house again for FREE.

The Prices are set from $25 per hour and I believe the cleaners can charge anything upwards of that rate. The only thing they don’t do is end of lease cleans. This service is for people who just want someone to keep their home tidy and give it a clean every month or so. You can choose frequency of service as well, if home cleaning is a recurring need, which I imagine for most humans with lack of time it is.

I’d recommend HomeHello to busy, young professionals and roommates in particular. Because life needs to be spent doing other things and cleaning is best left to the professionals! :)



HomeHello kindly allowed me to trial their 3 hour service complimentary for the purposes of this review. All opinions in this post are my own and completely truthful. Based on real experience, in other words HomeHello have not reimbursed me in any way to promote their service.













Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day every year is a great occasion to get together as a family and celebrate the one person in our lives who is by default the closest person who knows you. We can’t underestimate how much our Mums have done for us over the years.

I thought that it would be cool to think of some unique gift ideas for Mother’s day apart from restaurant lunches and beautiful flowers. Something personal with a custom feel seems fitting to give to Mum on this day to celebrate her and also somehow show appreciation for nothing other but well, just being Mum.

Here are some ideas on what to gift to your mum this Mother’s day (Sunday May 10th in Australia).

1. All Mothers love flowers. I get my Mum flowers every mother’s day, so a nice addition I thought would be a personally engraved vase to put those flowers in. The blooms will wither but the vase with a thoughtful message will remain. The vase also makes for a great decorative piece Mum can keep in her glass cabinet or on the buffet.



2. A more of a token sort of gift is an engraved pen. Something that can be kept around the house and just comes with an additional message of thought.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.18.20 pm



3. If you’re more of an experiences person, perhaps its best to give a voucher. Most preferred are spa/massage day vouchers. Those are great for Mum as they allow her to unwind and when it’s an appointment at a spa, there is always a lot of relaxation involved. Just what she needs! Great place to get those vouchers are websites like Red Balloon or go directly to the Spa sites.

List of some of my favourites:

In Sydney - 

Endota Day Spa

Swissotel Spa

Spa at The Darling

In Melbourne -

Spa de Marrakech Read LiveShopTravel‘s review here



4. Finally, on my top gifting ideas for Mother’s Day – high tea! On a list of my favourite things to do in Sydney and in my opinion the best place that does high tea – Burnt Orange restaurant in Mosman.

Burnt Orange High Tea

High Tea Burnt Orange Tea

And the Langham Hotel Sydney puts on quite a spread. I took my two Mums there at the beginning of the year. There was A LOT of food and the service was quite exquisite. We had a great time!

Mum and I at High Tea Langham Sydney High Tea Langham Sydney Mums at High Tea Langham Large Purple Orchids Langham Sydney My Mum at Langham Sydney High Tea


Both engraved gifts can be found on the Personalised Favours website in Australia. It’s a great personalised gifting site with reasonable prices.

Wishing you and your Mums an awesome Mother’s day this year! I hope your Mum feels spoilt with love and affection :) She deserves it!




5 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Whole New Look

5 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Whole New Look


Have you decided to renovate or redecorate your bedroom? Here are five keys ways to give your bedroom a whole new look.

1. Bed


The obvious starting point for any bedroom makeover has to be the bed. There are lots of ways to achieve this; you can go the whole hog and get an entirely new bed, or simply buy some new bed linen or add a decorative headboard to your existing bed. If you’re keeping your bed, be sure to check the mattress to see if it’s still as comfortable and supportive as it used to be. If it isn’t, you might need to factor in a new mattress as part of your bedroom makeover. If you decide to buy a whole new bed or to replace your mattress, be sure to strike the right balance between comfort, support and style. You can take the guesswork out of buying a new bed simply by getting the right advice. Rather than heading to your nearest department store or furniture outlet, get yourself along to a mattress specialist, like Sleepy’s, who can help you find the perfect bed for your comfort and support needs.


2. Furniture


Furniture is the next cab off the rank in terms of a bedroom makeover. Typically speaking, the overriding rule for any design project is to use functional furniture that suits the space. Large, bulky pieces will dominate small to average sized rooms, as will dark furniture. Stick with the bare essentials as too much furniture further reduces space and creates a sense of clutter.


3. Décor and Colour Scheme


Décor and colour are probably the most cost-effective ways to completely change the look and feel of your bedroom. Even if you keep all of your existing furniture and bed, a change in colour and décor can be enough to totally revamp your room. While many people opt for light, airy colour schemes and decorative items, you may have the right type of room and furniture to go for a dark, sultry look. If you’re decorating a child’s room or you like a bit of colour, you might like to introduce some bright hues to your scheme. Just be sure you don’t go over the top though as this might be too stimulating. Rather than large lashings of colour, aim for small, strategically placed bursts of accent colours using vases, lamps, artwork and cushions. If your budget permits, you may also want to review your window furnishings and floors. Curtains can either work for or against your room. Soft, billowing fabrics work well for some bedrooms, but if your room is small, you probably want to stick to simple, space-enhancing options like venetians or roller blinds. If you have hard floors, add some comfort and colour by using a rug.


4. Lighting


The effect lighting has on any room is quite extraordinary. Aim to have at least one powerful light that you can use while putting clothes away or when trying to find something in your cupboards. You might also want a reading lamp if you do a lot of this in bed. However, for the rest of your bedroom, soft down-lights and lamps fitted with warm white globes will create a comforting and soft ambience.


5. Layout


A cheap and fast way to change the look of your room is simply by changing its layout. By doing so, you might increase the room’s overall sense of space as well as making it more functional. Or perhaps you’re into Feng Shui and want to incorporate some of those design principles into your bedroom.


Our bedrooms are like a sanctuary – a place of retreat, relaxation and rest. If your room seriously needs a new look, stick to the principles above to create a truly inviting and comfortable space.