5 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Whole New Look

5 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Whole New Look


Have you decided to renovate or redecorate your bedroom? Here are five keys ways to give your bedroom a whole new look.

1. Bed


The obvious starting point for any bedroom makeover has to be the bed. There are lots of ways to achieve this; you can go the whole hog and get an entirely new bed, or simply buy some new bed linen or add a decorative headboard to your existing bed. If you’re keeping your bed, be sure to check the mattress to see if it’s still as comfortable and supportive as it used to be. If it isn’t, you might need to factor in a new mattress as part of your bedroom makeover. If you decide to buy a whole new bed or to replace your mattress, be sure to strike the right balance between comfort, support and style. You can take the guesswork out of buying a new bed simply by getting the right advice. Rather than heading to your nearest department store or furniture outlet, get yourself along to a mattress specialist, like Sleepy’s, who can help you find the perfect bed for your comfort and support needs.


2. Furniture


Furniture is the next cab off the rank in terms of a bedroom makeover. Typically speaking, the overriding rule for any design project is to use functional furniture that suits the space. Large, bulky pieces will dominate small to average sized rooms, as will dark furniture. Stick with the bare essentials as too much furniture further reduces space and creates a sense of clutter.


3. Décor and Colour Scheme


Décor and colour are probably the most cost-effective ways to completely change the look and feel of your bedroom. Even if you keep all of your existing furniture and bed, a change in colour and décor can be enough to totally revamp your room. While many people opt for light, airy colour schemes and decorative items, you may have the right type of room and furniture to go for a dark, sultry look. If you’re decorating a child’s room or you like a bit of colour, you might like to introduce some bright hues to your scheme. Just be sure you don’t go over the top though as this might be too stimulating. Rather than large lashings of colour, aim for small, strategically placed bursts of accent colours using vases, lamps, artwork and cushions. If your budget permits, you may also want to review your window furnishings and floors. Curtains can either work for or against your room. Soft, billowing fabrics work well for some bedrooms, but if your room is small, you probably want to stick to simple, space-enhancing options like venetians or roller blinds. If you have hard floors, add some comfort and colour by using a rug.


4. Lighting


The effect lighting has on any room is quite extraordinary. Aim to have at least one powerful light that you can use while putting clothes away or when trying to find something in your cupboards. You might also want a reading lamp if you do a lot of this in bed. However, for the rest of your bedroom, soft down-lights and lamps fitted with warm white globes will create a comforting and soft ambience.


5. Layout


A cheap and fast way to change the look of your room is simply by changing its layout. By doing so, you might increase the room’s overall sense of space as well as making it more functional. Or perhaps you’re into Feng Shui and want to incorporate some of those design principles into your bedroom.


Our bedrooms are like a sanctuary – a place of retreat, relaxation and rest. If your room seriously needs a new look, stick to the principles above to create a truly inviting and comfortable space.



Aromabotanical Fragrant Discs for Home – Review

Aromabotanical Fragrant Discs for Home – Review

I enjoy doing home ambience features on the blog occasionally. Here you’ll see things like Vaporiser candles with essential oils and natural diffusers. I love candles for decorating and for functional uses :)

Today I want to showcase these Fragrant Discs from Aromabotanical - an Australian home fragrance company.


The discs are made out of ceramic. The material is shaped into a stamped circular ornament with a ribbon tied to it. This circle is then infused with beautiful fragrance. I received 4x in a box

- the top selling fragrances are:

Pear and Ginger

Rose Gardenia and Bergamot Spices

Coconut Lime

Vanilla Creme


My favourite thus far is the Pear & Ginger combination. What’s really cool about these discs is that once it runs out of ‘flavour’ you can top up with the little bottle of perfume that comes in each pack.


That is by far the coolest thing! The discs can be used to scent your wardrobe, drawers, linen cupboards and even the car. Infused with Australian-Made fragrance, containing essential oils & pure extracts.


And now the part where I reveal a bit of how my wardrobe looks. It is a bit of a mess! I did however want to show how the disc is hanging there, attached to a coat hanger. Now whenever I open my wardrobe I am pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous perfume that comes out. Big fan! I’ve slipped these discs into my other clothing drawers.


These discs are $9.95 for a pack of 12 (bargain right?)and each one lasts up to 3 months including the perfume top up. Shop directly on the online store with free shipping on orders over $100.


*This product was given to me for a review. All opinions are LiveShopTravel’s own and the blog post is written solely by  Julia Kim Murphy.




Spa De Marrakech, Yarra Valley, Victoria

Spa De Marrakech, Yarra Valley, Victoria

If you happen to be in Melbourne and after some amazing relaxation, be sure to check out the beautiful Spa de Marrakech. Yes it is a bit of a drive out to Yarra Valley from central Melbourne, but I guarantee you it is worth it. In a way the drive actually means you get to get away from the busyness of everyday life.

Spa de Marrakech is Victoria’s brand new luxury Moroccan Spa & Roman Bathhouse and has just opened their doors. From when you arrive at your destination in the Yarra, to the time you leave, there is a complete peaceful aura that surrounds the Spa. I loved being taken through the entire building while the owner, Deborah Quitt, talked us through the beautiful finishings, spa services and treatments. Every finishing touch from the lanterns to the framed tapestry  and hand crafted mirrors have been imported from Egypt, Morocco, Dubai and Syria.
                                                    Entering the beautiful Moroccan Spa – checkout these amazing doors!


A unique aspect of the spa is the dining experience you can get in order to completely feel immersed in the Moroccan culture. In the private dining booths, decorated in Arabian nights fashion. You can enjoy a treatment and lunch or dinner. The menu items include Tagines, B’Stilla, Harrira soup and Persian Love Cake, prepared just for you by the in-house chef, Michael.
Moroccan Lounge 2
                                                             Moroccan Tea and Turkish Delight after the Roman Bathhouse – delicious


At the heart of Spa deMarrakech is a Roman Bathhouse where we got to relax in hot mineral spring water. It’s amazing how relaxing you feel when immersed in the pure water. I’ve never visited a Roman bathhouse before and if you haven’t either I would recommend you book it in along with a treatment of choice. It’s $170 pp per hour to enjoy the Roman Bathhouse which is amazing because you can enjoy the bathhouse, steam room, colour therapy and the ice fountain to cool off between visits to the steam room.
collage roman bathhouseBathhouse
The Roman Bathhouse 
Spa treatments you can choose from include
  • Luxurious massages (with or without the Roman Bathhouse in the package)
  • Hammam rituals (scrubs, treatments and full body pampering)
  • Colour therapy (Ayurvedic healers, chromatherapy or colour therapy on the body’s seven chakras)
  • Facials (Choose from Radiant Date or Aromatherapy Facial)
collage spa
Enjoying the bathhouse, ice shower and steam room
Sahara treatment room 2
Pink and Gold treatment room
collage colour
Spa de Marrakech robeTreatment Rooms, Colour Therape and Spa De Marrakech Robe
And if you just can’t get away the spa also extends to include oriental style accomodation as there are Japanese and Balinese spas next door.
IMG_3249 IMG_3248


Spa de Marrakech is the perfect destination for a girls getaway, the solo traveller or a romantic couples retreat.
Booking information here.




UE Megaboom Speakers – The Sound that Keeps on Giving

UE Megaboom Speakers – The Sound that Keeps on Giving

I was one of the fortunate ones to get to experience the full pledge of UE Megaboom when it first launched in Australia. Over a month I’ve had this baby in my home and lemme tell you I can’t imagine my mornings without it.

I am not a morning person and to get me going in the early hours of the day, I need a bit of a boost to help me from falling back asleep in the bed. That boost has been music. When I started my first job out of uni I made sure I wasn’t woken up by an alarm clock. Now I play the iTunes radio through my phone. The speaker on the iPhone however is not amazing and I used to have bluetooth speakers that would plug into a wall. That sound was not crisp either and I often had to pair multiple devices via bluetooth that never seemed to work. Those were frustrating mornings.

When I get ready for work or a night out I need music. It’s something I’ve always been quite particular about. Now my Megaboom follows me around the house. One morning it’s at my dressing table, the next it’s on the buffet in the living room, next to the TV or simply in the second bedroom getting charged. I love my electric blue Megaboom.

This is a truly portable device, long battery life and aesthetically pleasing to keep around the house. The Megaboom comes in so many different colours – pick one that suits your style, home or even your outfit!

The first time I saw a UE Boom (earlier model speaker) was on holidays up the coast. A friend brought their speaker to the New Year getaway. We proceeded to cart the speaker around and it followed us anywhere we went – the beach, the boat and accommodated all of our needs in pairing with Spotify. There were about 8 of us on the getaway and everyone wanted to play a song from their personal device, the pairing happens almost instantly and the two buttons on the top of the speaker are ON/OFF Power Button and the Bluetooth pairing button that you hold down to connect to any device. Brilliant!

UE top

The Megaboom  is the king of bluetooth speakers which floats on water and compared to all other makes and models on the market, is impenetrable. The battery lasts a good 20 hours before it needs to be recharged.

UE bottom

Simply unscrew the bottom flap and insert the fluorescent cord for optimal charging. I don’t have a definitive answer on how long it takes to charge the battery to full power, but I’ve left the charge on for 3-4 hours before and that seemed to do the trick. I have a feeling it takes even less time. My advise is to charge your Megaboom while you’re at work.


UE charging

I’m quite impressed that this speaker is actually IPX7- Rated Waterproof. Now before googling what this actually meant, it didn’t say anything to me. If you’re interested in all the rankings, good article here. In summary, this speaker can be immersed in up to 1m depth of water. The test duration is usually 30 minutes, so this speaker is pretty much completely waterproof. If you are thinking of taking it in the shower or to the pool party, just make sure the bottom flap is screwed in quite tightly as that is probably the weakest point of the speaker when it comes to water seepage.

UE close up

My two cents – if you are looking to invest in a good bluetooth speaker and your budget is mid to high, there is no better alternative.

The sound is crisp and powerful, allows any device connection, truly portable and design-wise, very cool!

I wouldn’t need anything else to have a party at my house or anyone else’s house for that matter, unless its a ball or a stadium.

RRP $349

Shop at JB HI FI, or UE Store.




Easy Ways To Brighten Your Bedroom

Easy Ways To Brighten Your Bedroom


Nothing beats waking up in a bright bedroom. Likewise, waking up to a dull and monotonous bedroom can become tedious and boring. It’s not always possible to have an optimally placed window to let the light in. However, there are many other simple alternative ways to brighten your bedroom.

Brighten Your Bedding


Your bed should be the centrepiece of your room. A bed takes up a lot of space in a room and also is the easiest surface to change. By adding a splash of colour to your bedding, you can turn bland into vibrant in a matter of seconds. Quilts, blankets and pillows are the easiest to change and can really update the feel of a room. Ensure you buy a quality quilt and then cover it will a bright quilt cover. White quilt covers are the brightest and most versatile. You can then decorate the quilt with colourful pillows. Try to use a variety of pillow sizes to give your bed more depth. For an extensive range of quality bedding, check out retailers like MiniJumbuk.

Light Coloured Walls


It is amazing the difference a lick of paint can make to a room. The lighter the paint, the more light it reflects and the brighter your room will be. Not all people like pure white walls, so using off-white or beige paint is a good compromise. If you are feeling adventurous and creative, try painting one wall a bright feature colour that matches the room’s finishing. Also think about painting your ceiling as light as possible. The trick is to expose as much white (or near white) surface area to natural light as possible.

Bright Artwork


Johnathan J. Stegeman/MidiMacMan

Paintings are another simple way to add colour and brightness to your room. Try going down to your local markets or homeware stores to find a piece of artwork you like. Try to buy a painting that has vibrant colours. If you can’t afford a professional piece of artwork for you room, you can always create a piece yourself (if you’re artistically inclined, that is). Simply buy a canvas in the size you want and buy a selection of paints in colours that match your feature wall and or bedding. Build up the canvas with different textures and patterns. You don’t have to be an artist to create a piece of art – simply get creative!


Somerset landscape mirror in bedroom

Reflective surfaces are a great way to add light into your room. If you only have a small amount of light exposure in your room, you can accentuate this natural light with the addition of a mirror. Place your mirror directly opposite the light source if possible. The addition of a mirror will not only make the room appear brighter, but it will also make it appear much larger.

By simply adding a few decorative pieces and a new coat of paint, you can transform your room from a dreary den into a bright oasis. What tips do you have to brighten the bedroom?







Teal Nails for Ovarian Cancer Awareness this month of February

Teal Nails for Ovarian Cancer Awareness this month of February

February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – an annual campaign which is dedicated to raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer as well as vital funds to assist Ovarian Cancer Australia with their lifesaving work.

All of this month, Chemmart® Pharmacies across Australia are stocking ‘Colour for a Cause’ teal nail polish packs – teal being the international colour for ovarian cancer. I’ve got mine! There is a teal and white polish included in the pack. It’s a quick dry polish so you only need 30 seconds to dry your nails.

The packs retail for $6.99 and ALL proceeds from the sale of the nail polish will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia. The packs will also be available online at www.chemmart.com.au, it’s a small colourful gesture for a great cause!


“We are proud to be able to assist Ovarian Cancer Australia in its efforts to save lives and ensure that no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone,” said Chemmart® Pharmacist Carolyn Wynen. “We hope to see Australians come out in force during February wearing their teal nail polish to show their support for women suffering from ovarian cancer and raise much needed funds.”

Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of any women’s cancer. Only 43% of women with ovarian cancer will still be alive five years after the day they are diagnosed. In comparison, the overall five year survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer is 89%.


Colour for a Cause teal nail polish packs are available in Chemmart® Pharmacy stores nationally for $6.99 during the month of February.

Teal Ribbon Day is Wednesday 25 February.


For more information go to Chemmart and OvarianCancer.net.au

Purchase HERE and support this great campaign.