Simple Interior Design Tips To Make Over Your Living Room

Simple Interior Design Tips To Make Over Your Living Room

The living room is most likely the place that you, your family and your visitors spend the most amount of time in. It’s really important that it’s kept looking modern and beautiful. A really lived in living room might be due for a makeover. The good news is that it is actually a really easy thing to do. Read these simple interior design tips – they might just inspire you to complete a full living room makeover immediately!

Old, faded curtains or broken blinds can really turn a fabulous living room into a really drab space. Replace your old windows coverings with something fresh and modern. There are a number of sophisticated blind designs that can work with any living room décor or design. Make sure you buy quality blinds from a reputable brand like Stylewise Security – they’ll withstand frequent use and will be around for many years.


Yeah, pillows are for the bedroom, usually – but really cute couch pillows are a must in every modern living room. They’re a way to brighten it up, especially if you have a boring couch in dull fabric. Use bright, colourful cushions that stick to the general theme of the room.


Maybe Don’t Have A Couch At All
Instead of putting your pillows on a couch, put them on cool, retro armchairs instead. There’s no interior decorating rule that states a living room must have a sofa – so break the trend and don’t have one! Whatever you chose, make sure you have somewhere that’s perfect for you and the family to relax in.


Plants Are A Good Space Breaker
If you’ve got an empty looking corner of your living room, throw in a plant. Plants are great to soften the harshness of a room, and give it a warm, welcoming feel. They also go a long way to increasing the healthy atmosphere in the room, absorbing the carbon dioxide and processing some of the other nasties in the air. Go on, throw in a plant.


Have A Fun Coffee Table
There’s nothing more boring than a plain, traditional coffee table. Kick the traditions to the curb and think outside the square with your coffee table. Perhaps an ottoman with a tray perched on top? Have fun with it, be creative.


Get The Leather Look
Leather is versatile, easy to clean, and lasts forever. The only downside to leather chairs and sofas is a certain feline friend who may be interested in digging their claws in. If you have a cat and want leather, make sure there’s a scratching post somewhere easily accessible. Don’t worry about the dog – his or her hairs can be easily wiped off or vacuumed up from a leather sofa!


The most important thing when it comes to revamping and giving your living room a makeover is to be original. think outside the square and generally be creative and have fun. It’s easy to give your room the boring, traditional look – it’s much more satisfying to add a little flair, giving it your own unique twist!


Australia’s Top Ten Trendy Cafés to Visit

Australia’s Top Ten Trendy Cafés to Visit


Australia is a country of many tastes and cultures, and there is nowhere you see this more than in its dazzling array of eateries. From state to state, city to city, there are more places to enjoy good food and drink than there are grains of sand on Bondi Beach. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it could take you a while to try them all. To save you the trouble, here is a list of Australia’s top ten trendy cafés to visit.


1. Bambini Wine Room – Brisbane


Beautifully outfitted by TU Projects, the Bambini Wine Room not only appeals to wine lovers but caters to cocktail aficionados and devotees of good food as well. And with this café’s relaxing, European-style setting, you don’t have to hop on a plane to get that continental feel while dining out.


2. The Butcher’s Block – Sydney

butchers-block-sliders chocolate-croissant

This converted butcher shop in the heart of Sydney’s Wahroonga village is a dignified spot that elegantly pays homage to its blue-collar past. Cleavers are embedded in the doors as handles, reminding patrons of the café’s history.


3. Auction Rooms – Melbourne


This spacious café captures the essence of the Melbourne coffee scene. This purveyor of specialty coffee takes its bean brewing very seriously and features a changing coffee of the day, alongside regular blends.


4. Cocoa and Milk – Sydney

cocoa and milk

Cocoa and Milk is a lovely café with a beautiful terrace house, complete with outdoor terrace and wonderful green potted plants. This is a Parisian styled oasis in the middle of Australia’s busiest city.


5. Wild Poppy – Perth


This wonderful café is located on the corner of the city’s ultra chic Wray Ave. Wild Poppy embodies the character of the street with its vintage interior and art.


6. Two Birds One Stone – Melbourne


There is only one word that can be used to describe Two Birds One Stone and that’s stunning. The café’s dazzling interior design marries an industrial and modern look with hints of an obvious Asian influence.


7. The House of Donkey -   Adelaide


Although it comes with an admittedly odd name, The House of Donkey’s quirkiness is offset by the obvious passion the owners have for serving up healthy, vegetarian food. This guilt-free café also supports local producers.


8. Five Sisters Art House Cafe – Brisbane

Five-Sisters-D Five-Sisters-Cafe-A

Greek culture and food feature heavily in this wonderful café nestled comfortably in Brisbane’s West End. Many delicious Greek dishes are serviced here daily, alongside custom-made organic coffee blends that you simply must try.


9. 399 – Perth


Located on 399 William Street, the aptly named 399 transforms itself from a classy, urbane café in the day to a refined bar at night. The private booths offer a discreet retreat for those who want to keep their conversations intimate but experience the hum of the activity around them.


10. Magazine Gallery – Adelaide

IMG_1582 IMG_1523

When you enter this cafe, you automatically feel as if you have entered an artist’s workshop. This quirky space engulfs you with its eccentric charm. Along with coffee, there are a mind blowing array of teas on offer.


Well, there you have it: Australia’s top ten trendy cafés to visit. Have you visited any of these cafés? Why not share your experiences with your fellow readers? What are some of your favourite cafés to visit near where you live?


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It’s Spring Cleaning Time – Tips on Reorganizing

It’s Spring Cleaning Time – Tips on Reorganizing

With spring comes time to clean up your dwelling. Our apartment has gone through a few changes recently, and I must admit, a little home improvement adds a lot to enjoyment of your domestic space.
I created a declutter list which was supposed to last for 30 days. I think its been longer than that and I probably went through a third of it, but it helps. Here is a template I used from Popsugar.
The one big change for me was getting a dressing table which I was able to place in the bedroom, next to a window for some natural light.
I posted about the makeup brushes and perfume organisation here. Highlights from the post:
1. Make up brush holders are simple candle cups from IKEA. An affordable way to spruce up your make up space.

2. A metal tier plate is all you need to organise your perfumes in a presentable manner. I’ve also seen metal plates, trays and cake stands being used for perfume and jewellery.

3. Above the table, I have 6 picture frames with prints of flowers done in aquarelle. These flowers were painted by me one of the evenings. I used blue to give a certain calmness and gentleness to the room.

In the second bedroom we’ve created some custom furniture, which is really hard to photograph, but I do have a glimpse of the bench which turns into a storage chest for guest bed/mattress.
1. Chest which stores our spare mattress. At all other times, used for seating.
photo 1

2. Bookshelves and chest of drawers by the window. The light was so bright coming in from the window, this is the best shot I have.

photo 2

We’re still in the process of organising some more storage space as our apartment is challenged in that area. We don’t have a garage so there is nowhere to store odd items. If you’re faced with the same problem I’d recommend considering self storage so you don’t have to get rid of furniture you’re not planning to use this spring. Places like Fort Knox Storage if you live in QLD or Kennards in NSW usually provide cost efficient solutions to your storage needs. Good idea for storing old work documents and things you shouldn’t quite throw out for a few years.
Good luck with spring decluttering!
Batemans Bay Fun in the Sun with a Furry Buddy

Batemans Bay Fun in the Sun with a Furry Buddy


For the Labour day long weekend we drove down to Batemans bay to check out the bay, the bush and the beach.

Our new furry friend, Toby, happily joined us on the journey south and we found a dog friendly beach which was thoroughly explored by Mr T on the day.



There was running around and walking about…



Lots of cuddles


Playing tag


 IMG_7883Staying on the lookout



When we got tired we just sat and looked at the ocean…

It was a good day at the beach


Love Lois Subscription…Shhh, strictly for girls

Love Lois Subscription…Shhh, strictly for girls

There are so many subscription boxes out there, and each one has a variety of products that you receive every month, whether its beauty, pet stuff or food you’re into. One thing that also comes every month is the good old period. Yes, and for approximately 50% of the population its a really annoying time (of the month).

This is the box that will be your care package on a monthly basis. Love Lois.


There are packs of tampons, day and night pads, chocolate and tea in this pack. You can tailor these packages to your needs on the Love Lois website. Plans start from $22 (pads only) and go up to $25 for organic plans.

What I loved in the package I got was the White tea with rose petals and the good quality pads. How many times have you rushed to the supermarket or the chemist to quickly and discreetly buy your sanitary stuff? I know I do it too often and it can come at a premium when caught in the middle of the city having to pay 10x more than the retail price at a convenience store.


With a monthly subscription, you won’t have to worry and you’re always prepared :)


And the best part, its FREE delivery! :)
If you’re not into subscription products, just order a box to try. There are no contracts!
What are some of your comfort go to products during that time of the month?
Mine are:
1. Hot water bottle
2. Nurofen
3. Pyjama pants


Simple Organising – My Dressing Table featuring A Perfume Stand and Candle Holders

Simple Organising – My Dressing Table featuring A Perfume Stand and Candle Holders


I recently bought a dressing table and its just a desk, but for purposes of storing piles of beauty products, its just superb. I’ve manager to get a tier metal stand for my perfumes like I always wanted and now they are all on display instead of sitting in my bathroom out of view. Now I can see all the beautiful fragrances right in front of me and that helps with choosing scents in the morning and in the evening when I am getting ready to go out.


These beautiful candle holders make fantastic storage for make up brushes, mascara and all other sorts of beauty items. The delicate design is perfect for any room that requires a bit more decoration and brightness.


I’ve also got my lipstick stand that holds 12 lippies. Not so fantastic for lip glosses because if the tubes are a bit taller than an average lipstick, which they usually are, the holder borders are not high enough and things fall out.

The floral item is a pen holder which I use for eyeliners.


I originally wanted to attach a mirror to a wall and create a dressing table that way but the desk is quite deep (good for storage), not as great for looking at yourself in the mirror while sitting down, especially whilst doing makeup. So instead I’m going to put up some artwork in frames above the desk and then have a stand mirror with a light.

What are some awesome ideas you have for decorating your dressing table?