Easy Ways To Brighten Your Bedroom

Easy Ways To Brighten Your Bedroom


Nothing beats waking up in a bright bedroom. Likewise, waking up to a dull and monotonous bedroom can become tedious and boring. It’s not always possible to have an optimally placed window to let the light in. However, there are many other simple alternative ways to brighten your bedroom.

Brighten Your Bedding


Your bed should be the centrepiece of your room. A bed takes up a lot of space in a room and also is the easiest surface to change. By adding a splash of colour to your bedding, you can turn bland into vibrant in a matter of seconds. Quilts, blankets and pillows are the easiest to change and can really update the feel of a room. Ensure you buy a quality quilt and then cover it will a bright quilt cover. White quilt covers are the brightest and most versatile. You can then decorate the quilt with colourful pillows. Try to use a variety of pillow sizes to give your bed more depth. For an extensive range of quality bedding, check out retailers like MiniJumbuk.

Light Coloured Walls


It is amazing the difference a lick of paint can make to a room. The lighter the paint, the more light it reflects and the brighter your room will be. Not all people like pure white walls, so using off-white or beige paint is a good compromise. If you are feeling adventurous and creative, try painting one wall a bright feature colour that matches the room’s finishing. Also think about painting your ceiling as light as possible. The trick is to expose as much white (or near white) surface area to natural light as possible.

Bright Artwork


Johnathan J. Stegeman/MidiMacMan

Paintings are another simple way to add colour and brightness to your room. Try going down to your local markets or homeware stores to find a piece of artwork you like. Try to buy a painting that has vibrant colours. If you can’t afford a professional piece of artwork for you room, you can always create a piece yourself (if you’re artistically inclined, that is). Simply buy a canvas in the size you want and buy a selection of paints in colours that match your feature wall and or bedding. Build up the canvas with different textures and patterns. You don’t have to be an artist to create a piece of art – simply get creative!


Somerset landscape mirror in bedroom

Reflective surfaces are a great way to add light into your room. If you only have a small amount of light exposure in your room, you can accentuate this natural light with the addition of a mirror. Place your mirror directly opposite the light source if possible. The addition of a mirror will not only make the room appear brighter, but it will also make it appear much larger.

By simply adding a few decorative pieces and a new coat of paint, you can transform your room from a dreary den into a bright oasis. What tips do you have to brighten the bedroom?







Teal Nails for Ovarian Cancer Awareness this month of February

Teal Nails for Ovarian Cancer Awareness this month of February

February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – an annual campaign which is dedicated to raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer as well as vital funds to assist Ovarian Cancer Australia with their lifesaving work.

All of this month, Chemmart® Pharmacies across Australia are stocking ‘Colour for a Cause’ teal nail polish packs – teal being the international colour for ovarian cancer. I’ve got mine! There is a teal and white polish included in the pack. It’s a quick dry polish so you only need 30 seconds to dry your nails.

The packs retail for $6.99 and ALL proceeds from the sale of the nail polish will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia. The packs will also be available online at www.chemmart.com.au, it’s a small colourful gesture for a great cause!


“We are proud to be able to assist Ovarian Cancer Australia in its efforts to save lives and ensure that no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone,” said Chemmart® Pharmacist Carolyn Wynen. “We hope to see Australians come out in force during February wearing their teal nail polish to show their support for women suffering from ovarian cancer and raise much needed funds.”

Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of any women’s cancer. Only 43% of women with ovarian cancer will still be alive five years after the day they are diagnosed. In comparison, the overall five year survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer is 89%.


Colour for a Cause teal nail polish packs are available in Chemmart® Pharmacy stores nationally for $6.99 during the month of February.

Teal Ribbon Day is Wednesday 25 February.


For more information go to Chemmart and OvarianCancer.net.au

Purchase HERE and support this great campaign.



Valentine’s Day Birthday – My Love Hate Day

Valentine’s Day Birthday – My Love Hate Day

I was born on Valentine’s day. Today is my Birthday.



The funny thing is that I wasn’t aware of the fact I was born on V day until I was about 9 when my parents friends who were American mentioned it in conversation. I grew up in Kazakhstan in the 90s, we didn’t know Western holidays until we couldn’t hide from the West any more. It all just flowed in – the Marlboro man, Pantene, M&Ms, Mars and Snickers, Johnson’s Baby No More Tears, the ads just rained down on us and the giant billboards stared, urging us to buy more, spend more and use more. We were all in a commercial trance.

Prior to 1995 I celebrated my birthday like any normal kid, with friends and family, and this day was only mine. Even when we did start to understand what Valentine’s day was, it wasn’t what it is in English speaking countries. It was a collective holiday. All the boys in our class pooled their spendings together and each girl  got an identical present – a soft toy and a chocolate bar. No one was left out. No one had to be in a relationship in order to get something and no one was lonely, miserable or jealous on the day.


It was only when I reached adolescense and relationships between guys and girls meant something more than holding hands, that I realised how lonely Valentines day can really be. Especially when its your birthday.


I am married and went past all the different issues that come with Valentines day relationships, however there are some frustrating parts on being born on V day.

1. All restaurants are booked out with SET Menu dinners which cost you more than normal dinners.

2. Even if you manage to get a restaurant booking, you have to sit next to coupled up people with love hearts. Meanwhile you’re celebrating a birthday…

3. Even if you have a restaurant booking, how many of your friends who are in relationships are going to attend? Um, zero.

4. Oh the pressure of flowers, do I get flowers because its my birthday or because its Valentines day?


Despite all the above frustrating things which happen every year for which I ‘hate’ being born on this day, (This year is the worst for collecting people as V day is on Saturday night – those who are dating/celebrating are surely out)  I love my birthday date for these reasons:

1. No one ever forgets your birthday. You’re forever a Valentine’s Day Baby and there is something truly beautiful about being born on this day. My cousin, just 2 days ago was hoping that her baby girl would be born on the same day so we can celebrate this day even more within our family. The little girl was born a bit earlier but we are still aquarian buddies. I am happy about that :)

2. Over time, I started to acknowledge that birthdays are not about hoards of people and lots of gifts, they are about feeling loved on the day. I feel very loved and surrounded by amazing people in my life, not to mention my two beautiful animals – Toby and Cleo. It’s my first birthday with Toby in my life, so I think its very special!

3. I can always celebrate my birthday on any day prior or after Valentines day, so its pretty much free reigns on choosing a weekend or a date and that’s not weird. I celebrated with my work team last night and it was AWESOME! Thank you guys for the yummy dinner. I always love sharing my food with you so the restaurant was very suited to the occasion – Spanish Tapas!

4. Valentine’s day is a day for celebrating love. I know the original holiday was based on love between two people, romantically involved, but I think we need to evolve this holiday into celebrating the love you have in your life. From your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, friends, parents, pets, colleagues. We should be celebrating the best feeling in the world by showing each other we care deeply for those people in our lives. Valentine’s day should just be served as a reminder that you are loved and that’s never going to change.



I think this post has suddenly turned very lovey dovey, partly because right now I am listening to Whitney Houston – Will Always Love You (lol)


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! May you celebrate being loved on this day :)


Thank you to my team of photographers at Two Tales Media. Without these beautiful photos this post wouldn’t have happened today.

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Daydream Island Escape Featuring Paklite

Daydream Island Escape Featuring Paklite

This is the second time I choose Paklite to get me through the luggage business of travelling! I really love my Paklite purple case and appreciate the quality and superb design behind Paklite luggage.

I’m going to show you their newest product, the Paklite Duffle Bag. Above is a glam travel shot of my husband wheeling the Paklite bag towards the plane. :)

Escape Cabin_Black(HiRes)

It comes in three sizes. Featured here is the smallest one – Small Trolley Case in Black.

Best for packing light, fits on any plane and was perfect for domestic carry on. Sometimes you get asked to weigh your bag to make sure its below 7 kg and we got asked once on the way back to Sydney from Brisbane, but other than that no weighing procedures were done as the bag looks so small.

The most important feature of this bag for me is the extendable handle and wheels. It’s so easy to just wheel around with you and feels like you have zero luggage.

I agree with Anton that “Hard shell cases are sleek and stylish and are all the rage in the travel world today, however they’re not suitable for all types of getaways. These soft but sturdy duffels are designed with adventure travel and shorter escapes in mind, where a hard case would be impractical,” Anton Botha, Brand manager at Paklite.

This compact Paklite case sure did enjoy getting wheeled around Hamilton and Daydream Island :)

collage paklite


We were only there over the Australia Day long weekend but that’s why this bag was so perfect. Small domestic giveaways and guaranteed carry-on admission!

If you haven’t heard of Daydream Island, check them out. It’s the only resort I know that has a living reef and you learn so much about  natural habitats of stingray, sharks, clown fish, parrot fish, dori.

Some shots captured from the Island:

collage daydream

The Duffel Bag RRP From $159

A note from Paklite:

Helping people travel in style and comfort for more than 50 years, Paklite is one of Australia’s longest established and most recognised luggage brands, renowned for its high-quality, innovative and affordable products, with the new Escape range following suit.

I choose Paklite for all range of escapes! Here’s to more of those mini holidays this year!




Fun And Unique Things to Do This Valentine’s Day

Fun And Unique Things to Do This Valentine’s Day


Running out of different things to do on Valentine’s Day? Here are some great new ideas.

Every year the 14th of February comes around and for many couples, it’s same old, same old. A bunch of flowers; perhaps a cute card. Some go out for dinner and a movie. For some couples it’s only one of these things. For others it’s none at all.

If you and your partner have run out of cool ideas for celebrating Valentines, it’s time to start thinking outside that box of candies and start bringing back the romance.

valentines-day-6Couple’s Cooking

Instead of heading out to a packed restaurant, why don’t you find a new recipe, or create your own romantic menu and cook it together on Valentine’s? Cooking as a couple can be really sexy and loads of fun. We’re sure you can come up with some really creative dishes together.

Get Re-acquainted

If you and your other half have been together a long time, it might be time to re-explore each other’s erogenous zones. Why not grab a few feathers or something else around the house to get each excited. Turn down the lights and really focus on each other’s reactions. Or throw a blindfold into the mix.

Make a List

No, not the grocery list. Write down a handful of things your wife or husband does that you really love and get him or her to do the same. Exchange the lists and then during the week of Valentine’s Day, surprise one another each day of that week with something from the list.

Natural Aphrodisiac

It’s no wonder chocolate is favourite on Valentine’s Day. It’s a natural aphrodisiac that you can put a great twist on: why not rent or buy your beloved a chocolate fountain and grab a few pretzels, almonds and strawberries to dip into it. You can choose whatever you booth enjoy and take turns feeding each other some gooey goodness.

Something a Little Sexier

If you’re looking for something a little spicier than teddy bears and chocolates, you can shake things up by giving your sweetheart a handmade book that will add intimacy to your relationship. Try books with themes like erotic massages and make it exciting by folding over the corners of the pages you’d like to try on Valentine’s.

Make Up Your Own Massage Session

In many countries, Valentine’s Day falls at the height of winter and one of the best ways to give your immune system a boost is with a massage. Grab a few scented candles and hot stones to give one another a massage in the comfort of your own home. It’s a known fact that massage not only offers therapeutic advantages but also helps to open the doors of communication between one another.

Something New To Do

Another way to add spice to your Valentine’s Day is to find something new, fun and exciting that you can do together to spice up the relationship. Take a look at what’s on at various wedding venues Adelaide or Sydney (or any other major city) for ideas or stay in and find a recipe to create your own perfume. If you’re both arty, find a pottery or painting class you could attend together.

Fun Balloons

Grab a couple of balloons and stick candy surprises into them before inflating. You could even stick in a folded up Valentine’s note. Once inflated, tie the balloons with red ribbon and attach to your beloved’s chair for them to wake up to on Valentine’s morning.

A Family Affair

If you’d like to involve the whole family this Valentine’s Day, get the kids to help you make red Jell-O in heart shaped mould. You could also add pink food colouring to mashed potatoes to carry on the theme and bake a batch of heart-shaped cookies.

Treat Yourself

If you’re without someone special to share this Valentine’s Day with, you can still enjoy a special day. Pamper yourself with a candlelit bubble bath followed by your favourite gourmet meal in front of your favourite comedy or love story. Or for something a little more special, treat yourself to day at a top spa with all your favourite treatments at one of the best wedding venues Adelaide. Just remember to book early.

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day?


*Contributed post

What You Need To Run A Pop Up Clothing Store

What You Need To Run A Pop Up Clothing Store


Pop up clothing stores are all the rage right now. Many clothing stores and brands are using these exciting promotional avenues to show off new stock, test new styles with new customers or even sell off old stock at discount prices. While many brands are running pop up stores, the question still remains: what do you need to succeed? As they’re such a new concept, it can be difficult to source a complete guide to everything you need to make your pop up store a success. Here are a few great ideas to get you started though!


Dressing Room

Many people get so absorbed in the social media promotion or finding cool ways to display their goods that they forget there are a few items that you simply must have in your fashion pop up store. The first of which is a dressing room. While people are happy to buy online without trying anything one, very few people will buy clothing in person without they opportunity to try the pieces on and see how they look. You have a couple of options with dressing rooms – if you’re going the cheap route you could hang a couple of curtains in the back corner of the store. A more professional option is a pop up change room – available from promotional stores such as Tenji Concepts – these are perfect if pop up stores will be a regular part of your promotional strategy.



a-line-013Your pop up store needs to be visually appealing. For the most part, pop up stores attract new customers – many of whom won’t already know your brand – so you need your store to look exciting and attractive. In saying that, it’s really important to not go overboard with the displays and the pretty things. There’s something exciting about the temporary nature of pop up shops (and the idea that the store won’t be here forever often encourages browsers to purchase on the spot).



You cannot reluy on foot traffic alone. Advertising is important to entice potential customers to your store. Many pop up stores are only open for a few days or a few weeks, so you need to do as much promotion as you can to ensure as many people as possible come check out what you’ve got. Social media is a popular option – many fashion savvy shoppers spend a lot of time on Faceboook, Pinterest and Instagram. These options are good because they’re often relatively low cost, and you don’t want to spend more on advertising than you’re likely to make in sales. Make sure your advertising material stresses the short timeframe for your pop up store – you want to encourage customers to come visit now, not think about doing it in the next few months.


Pop up shops are a really great way to spread the word about your brand. When done correctly they can help you reach a whole heap of new followers, boost your brand’s relevance and, if all has gone to plan, generate a lot of revenue you can reinvest in next season’s line. Good luck!