What You Need To Run A Pop Up Clothing Store

What You Need To Run A Pop Up Clothing Store


Pop up clothing stores are all the rage right now. Many clothing stores and brands are using these exciting promotional avenues to show off new stock, test new styles with new customers or even sell off old stock at discount prices. While many brands are running pop up stores, the question still remains: what do you need to succeed? As they’re such a new concept, it can be difficult to source a complete guide to everything you need to make your pop up store a success. Here are a few great ideas to get you started though!


Dressing Room

Many people get so absorbed in the social media promotion or finding cool ways to display their goods that they forget there are a few items that you simply must have in your fashion pop up store. The first of which is a dressing room. While people are happy to buy online without trying anything one, very few people will buy clothing in person without they opportunity to try the pieces on and see how they look. You have a couple of options with dressing rooms – if you’re going the cheap route you could hang a couple of curtains in the back corner of the store. A more professional option is a pop up change room – available from promotional stores such as Tenji Concepts – these are perfect if pop up stores will be a regular part of your promotional strategy.



a-line-013Your pop up store needs to be visually appealing. For the most part, pop up stores attract new customers – many of whom won’t already know your brand – so you need your store to look exciting and attractive. In saying that, it’s really important to not go overboard with the displays and the pretty things. There’s something exciting about the temporary nature of pop up shops (and the idea that the store won’t be here forever often encourages browsers to purchase on the spot).



You cannot reluy on foot traffic alone. Advertising is important to entice potential customers to your store. Many pop up stores are only open for a few days or a few weeks, so you need to do as much promotion as you can to ensure as many people as possible come check out what you’ve got. Social media is a popular option – many fashion savvy shoppers spend a lot of time on Faceboook, Pinterest and Instagram. These options are good because they’re often relatively low cost, and you don’t want to spend more on advertising than you’re likely to make in sales. Make sure your advertising material stresses the short timeframe for your pop up store – you want to encourage customers to come visit now, not think about doing it in the next few months.


Pop up shops are a really great way to spread the word about your brand. When done correctly they can help you reach a whole heap of new followers, boost your brand’s relevance and, if all has gone to plan, generate a lot of revenue you can reinvest in next season’s line. Good luck!






5 Ways to Travel in Style on a Budget

5 Ways to Travel in Style on a Budget

As much as we’d like to pretend, most of us are not flaunting Audrey Hepburn’s style on our budget. And when it comes to travelling, it’s safe to say that style can sometimes go right out the window as we’re forced to opt for practicality instead. Below are a handful of sneaky style suggestions for next time you’re travelling on a budget.

Look the Part


The first thing that identifies a traveller is their luggage, so look and feel the part of the effortless travel aficionado with on-point travel luggage. You can pick up a stylish carry-on bag from luggage-specialty websites like Bags To Go, which will set you up for a stylish arrival at your destination, even if you don’t feel all that fancy after a long flight!

Clothes Make the Man


Clothes do make the man… and the woman. Travelling on a budget may cancel out the option of wearing the latest in fashion trends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish on your trip – you just need to choose your wardrobe carefully. The key is to opt for a small number of classic, easy-to-match items. That way, you will give yourself numerous wardrobe options without having to carry too much. It’s also worth considering a few small accessories, which can really cement your style. A large statement necklace or stylish, relaxed hat can make all the difference and make you feel more presentable.

Budget Doesn’t Have to Mean Slumming It


Just because you are holidaying on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to stay in shady pub rooms or 16-bed hostels. There are a huge range of budget boutique hotels and B&Bs popping up all around the world that have incredible character and will make you feel at home while away from home. You may find that many of these places also have deals with local restaurants or can set you up with a local guide, making it all the more worthwhile.


If you want to see a new city but are stuck between an awful tourist bus and a personal limousine, now is the time to embrace vintage style and take to the streets with a bicycle. Nothing feels more carefree and effortlessly cool than gliding by the crowds, taking in the sights, and not being caught in the traffic. While it’s probably not as relaxing in cities like San Francisco, a nice flat village in Vietnam will make a cycling tourist feel all the more vintage-chic!

Take the Bare Essentials


Hair, makeup and basic skincare tend to fall by the wayside for many travellers. It doesn’t take much to go from travel eek to travel chic, and the secret lies in the basics. Bring with you small or sample versions of your favourite moisturiser, foundations and mascara, and any other essentials. They are small enough that they won’t affect your luggage, and you will feel positively stylish while strolling the streets of your holiday town.

How do you travel in style on a budget? Share your suggestions below.

Top Eco-Friendly Home Design Tips for 2015

Top Eco-Friendly Home Design Tips for 2015

If doing your bit for the environment is firmly on the agenda this year, it’s reassuring to know embracing eco-friendly design is neither expensive nor difficult. The intelligent approach to being eco-friendly involves letting your property do the hard work in areas such as heating, cooling, and lighting your home. There are some simple and very effective ways to do this with just a little thought and expense. Here are the top 5 eco-friendly design tips for 2015.


A Whirly Good Idea

If you’ve ever spent time in your roof cavity, you’ll know that the temperatures up there can soar. Household heat rises and is stored there, while the sun beating down raises the temperature even more. One of the simplest and most affordable remedies for this is to install a good old-fashioned whirlybird to circulate air and release that warmth. Roof specialists such as Roofmasters have a range of roof ventilation options, including whirlybirds, which can reduce that roof cavity temperature from 65 degrees down to a much more liveable 45.



Good insulation can change the temperature of your home radically, ensuring the ambient temperature is maintained at a reasonable level. This means a massive saving for the environment and you when it comes to heating and cooling your home.


Window Placement

A critical element of home design is window orientation and treatment. A good fact to remember is that north-facing windows receive twice as much winter sunlight as east or west-facing ones, while they can also be easily shaded from the hot summer sun. This means you can effectively – and naturally – warm the house in winter. South-facing windows receive no direct winter sunlight and only morning and afternoon summer sun, so they are great for passive cooling. East and west-facing windows should be minimised if possible as they allow in summer sunlight. If minimising eastern or western exposure is not an option, consider window treatments such as knock-out blinds and curtains to help keep the house cool.

If traditional wall windows don’t provide the ideal solution, skylights are an excellent alternative for adding additional light, warmth, and even cooling to the home. They are great for those dark and dingy areas of the home. Modern skylights can even be installed in a way that provides extra ventilation.


Solar Power

Whether it’s solar water heating or additional electricity supply, solar panels are a great way to harness nature for your electricity needs. Many governments also provide financial incentives for installing solar panels, meaning they can be affordable to install in addition to saving you money in the long run.




Your landscaping can have a massive impact on the temperature of your home, so don’t neglect your garden when looking at your eco-design options. Trees should be planted to shade your property when necessary, while also allowing through breeze and ample light for warmth in winter.


The great thing about being eco-friendly is that a little forethought and expense goes a long way. Taking initiative now can result in substantial savings for you and the planet in the future.

What eco friendly home improvements do you recommend?






PARA’KITO Easy Protection from Mosquitos Whatever the Activity or Destination

PARA’KITO Easy Protection from Mosquitos Whatever the Activity or Destination


I saw a news report this year talking about how there are significantly more mosquitos this summer than there previously have been. This is due to favourable conditions in the spring time when it wasn’t too hot, there was a lot of humidity/wet weather, setting the right breeding grounds for mozzies. If you are like me, ie irresistible to all types of blood sucking insects, you would have noticed a gradual increase in pesky mosquitoes and the dreaded itchy bites. If I’m travelling outside of the city, like when we stayed 5 days in Hawk’s nest over New Years, I have to be covered in mozzie repellant from head to toe – not the most favourable thing I like to be doing.

I was wearing my Para’kito wrist band with natural mozzie repellant pellet day and night while going kayaking, laying on the beach, swimming, eating, sleeping, BBQ-ing. This was to test out whether mosquitos would still bite me at their usual high frequency or


There are so many different bands to choose from – styles/colours. Plain colours or patterns.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.59.30 AM

The concept is simple, you insert a disposable pellet into your bracelet band of choice and 1 pellet last you 15 days. When you first open up your pellet – its a hard, gel like, soap bar consistency and smells like citronella. At the beginning I could smell this scent everywhere I went, but after a day or so I stopped noticing and the wrist band became a part of my NY attire. A lot of people asked me about the band and I would tell the story and idea behind this product preventing me from getting bitten.


IMG_9159So was I completely protected from mozzies on my trip? Short answer – I wasn’t protected 100%. Truthfully thought, I didn’t get bitten once on the left hand/arm/side of body. My thoughts are, this wrist band would protect anyone at a 90%+ capacity, but if they are not usually mosquito bait. I must emit a scent mosquitos love so I get bitten even when no one else does. Even so, the Para’kito wrist band worked for me and did its job when it came to keeping out swarms of mozzies. I did have to protect my legs with Mosquito spray. I guess the radius of Para’kito tablet didn’t quite reach my feet or the right hand side of the body completely.


Here is me wearing my Para’kito bracelet at the sand dunes.

The key benefits of this product for me are that the pellets are waterproof so suited for all activities, particularly in the summer and that its all natural ingredients. No toxic deet is used!


If you like these bracelets, they are now available in Australia, from the PARA’KITO website. There are also clips that can be used by anyone. If you or family members/friends are allergic to mosquito bites or just get eaten every time summer comes and you can’t enjoy your activities, I would highly recommend getting a few of the bracelets, clips and pellets to keep you protected.

Enjoy your summer!


WIN with Warner Bros and Get your Superhero PJ’s on! It’s time for a night in with the ‘Son of Batman’ !

WIN with Warner Bros and Get your Superhero PJ’s on! It’s time for a night in with the ‘Son of Batman’ !


This week I was given the opportunity to watch one of my favourite animated superhero characters.

‘Son of Batman’ is a new animated movie featuring the Dark Knight produce by Warner Bros. and DC Comics.


The story turns the tables on the classic Batman franchise introducing ‘Deathstroke’ as the main villain, ‘Damien’ as Batman’s Son, and ‘Talia’ the Assassin as Damien’s mother.

The opening scenes introduce us to Damien, a boy whom has grown up in the ‘League of Assassins’. A true martial arts child-prodigy. Able to keep up with even the most lethal fighters. Everything seems peaceful. That is until Deathstroke and his army attacks the League of Assassins’ HQ. Talia in an effort to protect Damien, flees to Gotham for safety.

With Batman being the great detective he is (always being one step ahead of the bad guys), it was great to see him trumped by his own making when his son is finally revealed to him.

With Talia returning to protect her home and Damien left behind under Batman’s protection, we finally get to see some quality time unfold.

The Father-son character clash was both hilarious and exhilarating; Damien a pre-teen, loose-cannoned, prodigy killer; and Batman a disciplined crime-fighter who never breaks his moral code.

Together they mirrored real-life father-son moments. Batman and Damien have their fair share of disagreements with childlike temper tantrums resulting in some great bad guy beat-up moments! (Damien can take one hell of a punch!)

Damien vs badguy

Son of Batman is full of action, has a great story and great character dialogue! If you are looking for a Christmas present for that comic/Batman lover or even if you love the Dark Knight yourself, I definitely recommend you pick this up and get ready for a great night in! (Don’t forget your Batman PJ’s).


We’ve teamed up with Warner Brothers to giveaway a copy of Son of Batman on DVD.


To enter simply post in the comment section below answering the question:

Who is your favourite superhero?
a Rafflecopter giveaway


PS This was a great movie and I recommend any cartoon and superhero lover to grab some popcorn, put on those superhero pyjamas and get cozy on the couch for a fresh spin.

Review by Cameron Gomes for Liveshoptravel






5 Steps on Creating a Happier Office Environment

5 Steps on Creating a Happier Office Environment

Many organisations are caught up with their bottom line, the profits of the company and the overall level of success being achieved. There’s no denying that these things are important, but it’s also important that organisations do not lose sight of the things that make people want to work for them.

Essentially, people want to be happy at the office and genuine efforts to make your office a happy place to work will help to ensure the longevity and ongoing success of your business. Also, (and very importantly) good people are attracted to happy work environments. A happy office environment should be a top priority if you are serious about attracting and retaining great people who are central to the success of your organisation. Here are five great ways to create a happier office environment.

1: Provide A Clean, Hygienic And Inspiring Office Environment


Without a clean, hygienic and attractively presented office, can you really expect amazing results from your staff? Do you really think they will be happy? Show your staff that you truly believe in them and consider them worthy of a quality office environment by using a professional cleaning service, such as AMC Cleaning. When your office environment is clean and sanitary, germs are less likely to be spread and staff are less likely to experience ill health. Being well is of course an important contributor to being happy.

2: Create Opportunities For Enjoyment


While many offices are busy and quite serious places, there is value in creating opportunities for staff to enjoy themselves, relax and do something a bit different. Breaking the work routine can be tremendously positive and, when this is encouraged by management, helps to create a happier and more positive feeling at work.

3: Employ People With Happy Personalities


While you should employ the best person for the job, it’s also important to consider the impact that a candidate will make in the office environment. When interviewing a candidate, be aware of their personality and how you feel when around them. Consider whether they seem to focus on the positives or negatives and note whether they laugh, smile and appear capable of establishing and nurturing good relationships. Most of the time, positive people increase productivity and motivate others.

4: Show Employees That You Care About Them

Teamwork and team spirit

Evidence shows that people are more productive in the workplace when they feel that they are cared for. Take the time to find out how things are going in a staff member’s life outside of work. This certainly does not mean that you have to spend hours having personal conversations, but making the time to ask a person how they are can definitely bring benefits.

5: Encourage Personal Career Goals


One ingredient for happiness in the office is for employees to have personal career goals. Productivity and the sense of wellbeing tend to increase when staff feel that they are actively working towards something and with greater purpose.

A happy office environment is a tremendous asset to a workplace. Time and effort should be invested in the creation of a happy office so that employees feel positive at work, are productive and enjoy their work.

Do you work in a happy office?