It’s Spring Cleaning Time – Tips on Reorganizing

It’s Spring Cleaning Time – Tips on Reorganizing

With spring comes time to clean up your dwelling. Our apartment has gone through a few changes recently, and I must admit, a little home improvement adds a lot to enjoyment of your domestic space.
I created a declutter list which was supposed to last for 30 days. I think its been longer than that and I probably went through a third of it, but it helps. Here is a template I used from Popsugar.
The one big change for me was getting a dressing table which I was able to place in the bedroom, next to a window for some natural light.
I posted about the makeup brushes and perfume organisation here. Highlights from the post:
1. Make up brush holders are simple candle cups from IKEA. An affordable way to spruce up your make up space.

2. A metal tier plate is all you need to organise your perfumes in a presentable manner. I’ve also seen metal plates, trays and cake stands being used for perfume and jewellery.

3. Above the table, I have 6 picture frames with prints of flowers done in aquarelle. These flowers were painted by me one of the evenings. I used blue to give a certain calmness and gentleness to the room.

In the second bedroom we’ve created some custom furniture, which is really hard to photograph, but I do have a glimpse of the bench which turns into a storage chest for guest bed/mattress.
1. Chest which stores our spare mattress. At all other times, used for seating.
photo 1

2. Bookshelves and chest of drawers by the window. The light was so bright coming in from the window, this is the best shot I have.

photo 2

We’re still in the process of organising some more storage space as our apartment is challenged in that area. We don’t have a garage so there is nowhere to store odd items. If you’re faced with the same problem I’d recommend considering self storage so you don’t have to get rid of furniture you’re not planning to use this spring. Places like Fort Knox Storage if you live in QLD or Kennards in NSW usually provide cost efficient solutions to your storage needs. Good idea for storing old work documents and things you shouldn’t quite throw out for a few years.
Good luck with spring decluttering!
Batemans Bay Fun in the Sun with a Furry Buddy

Batemans Bay Fun in the Sun with a Furry Buddy


For the Labour day long weekend we drove down to Batemans bay to check out the bay, the bush and the beach.

Our new furry friend, Toby, happily joined us on the journey south and we found a dog friendly beach which was thoroughly explored by Mr T on the day.



There was running around and walking about…



Lots of cuddles


Playing tag


 IMG_7883Staying on the lookout



When we got tired we just sat and looked at the ocean…

It was a good day at the beach


Love Lois Subscription…Shhh, strictly for girls

Love Lois Subscription…Shhh, strictly for girls

There are so many subscription boxes out there, and each one has a variety of products that you receive every month, whether its beauty, pet stuff or food you’re into. One thing that also comes every month is the good old period. Yes, and for approximately 50% of the population its a really annoying time (of the month).

This is the box that will be your care package on a monthly basis. Love Lois.


There are packs of tampons, day and night pads, chocolate and tea in this pack. You can tailor these packages to your needs on the Love Lois website. Plans start from $22 (pads only) and go up to $25 for organic plans.

What I loved in the package I got was the White tea with rose petals and the good quality pads. How many times have you rushed to the supermarket or the chemist to quickly and discreetly buy your sanitary stuff? I know I do it too often and it can come at a premium when caught in the middle of the city having to pay 10x more than the retail price at a convenience store.


With a monthly subscription, you won’t have to worry and you’re always prepared :)


And the best part, its FREE delivery! :)
If you’re not into subscription products, just order a box to try. There are no contracts!
What are some of your comfort go to products during that time of the month?
Mine are:
1. Hot water bottle
2. Nurofen
3. Pyjama pants


Simple Organising – My Dressing Table featuring A Perfume Stand and Candle Holders

Simple Organising – My Dressing Table featuring A Perfume Stand and Candle Holders


I recently bought a dressing table and its just a desk, but for purposes of storing piles of beauty products, its just superb. I’ve manager to get a tier metal stand for my perfumes like I always wanted and now they are all on display instead of sitting in my bathroom out of view. Now I can see all the beautiful fragrances right in front of me and that helps with choosing scents in the morning and in the evening when I am getting ready to go out.


These beautiful candle holders make fantastic storage for make up brushes, mascara and all other sorts of beauty items. The delicate design is perfect for any room that requires a bit more decoration and brightness.


I’ve also got my lipstick stand that holds 12 lippies. Not so fantastic for lip glosses because if the tubes are a bit taller than an average lipstick, which they usually are, the holder borders are not high enough and things fall out.

The floral item is a pen holder which I use for eyeliners.


I originally wanted to attach a mirror to a wall and create a dressing table that way but the desk is quite deep (good for storage), not as great for looking at yourself in the mirror while sitting down, especially whilst doing makeup. So instead I’m going to put up some artwork in frames above the desk and then have a stand mirror with a light.

What are some awesome ideas you have for decorating your dressing table?



The King and I – An 1860s Story, Turned Musical Lighting up the Sydney Opera House Once More.

The King and I – An 1860s Story, Turned Musical Lighting up the Sydney Opera House Once More.

King Elephant CMYK

On Tuesday night this week I was invited to see a spectacular musical, The King and I by Opera Australia. A familiar lead cast lit up the stage, Lisa McCune as Anna and Teddy Tahu Rhodes as the King of Siam. I watched South Pacific last year with Lisa and Teddy as soloists and there is a good chemistry between these two which works on the big stage.

I have never seen the movie or read the original book, so its always interesting to look at the performance from a noob perspective. My first impression started in the foyer of the Opera House, outside of John Sutherland theatre. There were lots of decorations done in oriental royal style and items like lamp shades and cushions on filigree chairs reminded of a retro look full of adventure and extravagance.

Stage designs and decorations were absolutely fantastic! Side curtains portraying giant elephants stitched in red and yellow gold, forever gazing into the distance. Many costume changes, the ball gowns, the chic full skirts of Mrs Anna, the colourful and bright attire of the wives of the king and their children, it all screamed fun and excitement through the entire production. There was not a single dull moment in the show.


I feel that in this production Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Lisa McCune complimented each other greatly, this was evident when they both moved around on stage with such energy and passion! You could feel they were greatly comfortable with each other, the audience, their characters and just had a lot of fun performing in general.


And the kids, how talented were the kids! A whole bunch of little boys and girls who danced along to all the moves with everyone else, sang, spoke, acted. A truly talented cast where everyone contributed in equal weight, from extras on a boat to the lead characters.

The-King-and-I-Ensemble-with-Yong-Ying-Woo-dancing-the-part-of-Eliza-and-Michelle-Rozario-dancing-the-part-of-Uncle-ThomasThe play was not without some good humour, drama and wholehearted spirit. I must say I enjoyed this musical more than expected and the appeal of this show is definitely to expend  beyond the usual opera goer. It is family friendly, entertaining for couples, engaging for a group of friends and vocally dazzling for the older crowd.

Melbourne launch:

The Sydney Opera House shows will continue until the 1st of November this year. I urge you to book tickets for your whole family or experience this musical as a great date or an awesome night out on the town.


More information on tickets, performance dates, cast et cetera et cetera et cetera


Music By: Richard Rodgers
Book and Lyrics By: Oscar Hammerstein II
Based On ‘Anna and the King of Siam’ By: Margaret Landon
Director: Christopher Renshaw
Original Choreography By: Jerome Robbins
Choreographer: Susan Kikuchi
Scenic Designer: Brian Thomson
Costume Designer: Roger Kirk
Sound Designer: Michael Waters
Lighting Designer: Nigel Levings
Musical Director: Peter Casey
Orchestrations By: Robert Russell Bennett
Dance, Vocal and Incidental Music Arranged By: Trude Rittmann

As a side note, I’d like to share that Opera Australia is offering subscription packages to YOUTH at amazing rates.It’s nice to know that I am still considered to be a youth! Even better when you get deals for being under 30. Opera Australia is known for putting on spectacular and extravagant shows and I am always amazed at the costumes and stage designs. One word to describe it is GRAND. There is however also a reflection in the ticket price where you expect to pay anything between $180-$300 for good seats. For Italian operas (majority of the really good ones), you are going to need to see the surtitles running over the top of the stage. Most C and D reserve seats don’t have a view of the surtitles and you won’t get the needed translation. So I guess if you know the opera you’re going to see and read up on it in advance, then it would be.

For just $60/ticket (Any reserve!) you can select a package ( minimum of 3 opera productions from the allocated list) for yourself and a friend perhaps. I am going to take advantage of this offer, if its still around, until I turn 30 :)

This package is available in Sydney and Melbourne and current list of Opera productions to see includes:

The Magic Flute

La Boheme


Madama Butterfly



La Traviata

Don Carlos

The Marriage of Figaro

I’ve already got my tickets to The Marriage of Figaro, La Boheme and Tosca!


Photo credit: Brian Geach

“Make Me Beautiful” Project with the Help of which we Realise How Different Beauty Really Is

“Make Me Beautiful” Project with the Help of which we Realise How Different Beauty Really Is

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.56.22 AMWhen I travel I often pay attention to various billboards and ads for fashion, beauty. Apart from a universal ‘model look’ brought to us by big beauty houses such as Dior and Chanel, there are definitely differences in perception of what beautiful really is across the globe. You might think your look is not what beautiful is per se but that might only apply to the region, country and even the city you live in.

Esther Honig, a journalist set out to understand more about how beauty is perceived on a personal and cultural level, has sent 1 unretouched photograph of herself to over 40 different individuals from 25 countries, who freelance in photoshop and image rendering. The results are a phenomenal reflection of both cultural and personal concepts of beauty that pertain to their creator.

To read more about this project click here

Photography by country:Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.35.59 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.36.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.36.11 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.36.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.36.20 PM     Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.36.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.36.55 PM

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I used to only look at one type of beauty growing up in Kazakhstan with a lot of Russian media, then in New Zealand where I was once told by a guy that he would never ever consider dating an Asian person. That was quite an eye opener. I felt like a different species. Only in Sydney, Australia did I actually start feeling a bit more comfortable in my skin, knowing that I could potentially be attractive and even beautiful to some, but even then, it was not always the case.

With this project we must remember that since there is no universal measure on what beautiful is, there is also no universal measure on what ugly is. The only thing that can be ugly is someones behaviour based on ignorance.

Hope this project inspires you in your own way….