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Saatchi Art – Collect, browse, purchase and curate

If you’re a fan of art – paintings and prints in particular then have a look at the Saatchi Art website. I have recently attended the American Art exhibition at the Gallery of NSW and with numerous museum visits in Europe can honestly say that looking at art provokes creativity, illustrates new trains of thought and gives you a whole other depth to the world.

I used to go to Art school when I was 8-9 and we really covered a lot of the different thematics – sculpture, sketching, aquarelle… I’ll still paint sometimes but have been finding it hard to find time and I guess motivation. My visions are limited to a picture or a painting I see. In this case I think its a good idea to mix up home decorating with your own artwork for a personal touch and also purchase art to add another depth and atmosphere to the interior.

I recommend for anyone who loves art to browse through the numerous collections on Saatch Art and there are curated collections by visitors, artists, buyers.

Some of my favourite paintings have always been those based on still life, particularly flowers and fruit. Perhaps its a little boring but I like the fact that there was that simplicity of every day objects tied into a complex work of art.


Still Life With Figs, Liubov Kvashnina

94434-12593095-7honeybee, Charla Morgan

I equally find paintings with water absolutely beautiful and peaceful.



Boca Boys, Charlotte Evans


No Man’s Land #2, Lou Ross


Some examples of collections:

General collections




Still Life

The OzSale Flash Frenzy is HERE! My gift to you, a code to get $10 OFF

Girls, its time to shop up a storm! And for once, you don’t have to feel guilty…

The OzSale Flash Frenzy sale which kicks off TODAY and lasts for only 3 days, is a collaboration with  Charlotte Dawson, online fashion retailer OZSALE and the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) for  Australia’s biggest ever online retail event.

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month, they’ve committed to raise at least $100,000 for NBCF with the help of OZSALE’s 9 million members.

Now that’s a cause I am happy to support!

For being a reader/follower of my blog LIVESHOPTRAVEL, OzSale have given me a special code to distribute to my fans. The first 50 lucky readers can get a $10 OFF their purchase for the Flash Frenzy sale.

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Terms + conditions:

- Get $10 off purchase
- A minimum spend of $60 is required to redeem offer
- Promo code is valid for the first 50 customers only
- Offer expires Tuesday November 5 2013

To redeem, simply enter FRENZYGET10J at checkout.
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Join the conversation:

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Happy Shopping!


Opal card – Sydney siders please get yours

I am not an early adopter and wouldn’t consider myself to be, it seems however that I am, with this new transportation payment concept- the Opal card.

This transport card that is very similar to the e-tag for cars in that you don’t have to stop at a toll gate, get out your change, wait in a queue, it’s a breeze to use ! With this card you don’t have to buy tickets to trains or ferries and can setup to top up your balance automatically.

You Order online, top up online pretty much do everything online .

Once you have your Opal card, you pretty much don’t need to ever get a paper ticket again if you catch the train or ferry. At the moment the Opal network is the city circuit for trains and the darling harbour service for ferries.

The network will continue to roll out across the city within the next few months. I don’t think the opal card can get used on buses at all, but on buses you can purchase the travel 10. For trains you can’t.

Opal works on demand, when you need to go on a train, you tap your card and a fare is calculated when you tap on exit at your stop.

To encourage adoption of the card, rates are approximately 30 cents cheaper on all routes and there is a fixed rate per day.

I still haven’t seen anyone else using this card but me but would encourage you – if you’re catching the train or ferry, please check out and see if the Opal card is available on your route to work.

It’s so much quicker tapping the card than having to scan through a paper ticket. Most of the time I don’t get why people want to line up to purchase tickets at the train station or ferry terminals. It’s inefficient and there is a much better and cheaper method.

Sydney peeps, the sooner everyone gets one, the easier transportation can become. And at the moment, it’s a bit if a mess.

More information and how to order yours here: