Organic Beauty with a Real Difference is Here

Organic Beauty with a Real Difference is Here

World Organics have just launched in Australia and they have skincare and makeup products with ingredients sourced from all over the World. Most of the organic ingredients come from India – making it more sustainable and supporting a lot of the organic farmers, creating better opportunities for the local people and building harmonious communities.

Originating in New Zealand, this organics brand will stun you with an array of makeup and skincare products. The pigments of the lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes are soft but at the same time radiant. The skincare products are incredibly fragrant and you can soak up the goodness of all the oils, serums and moisturisers with no worries that the ingredients could be harmful as they are 99-100% natural.

World Organics Skincare

World Organics Skincare ReplenishOrganic Skin and Co and River Veda Skincare

World Organics Skincare Packaging

It was an eventful day at the World Organics launch as I got a facial and then makeup done by celebrity makeup artist, Noni Smith. Noni was using all World Organics cosmetics on me and I noticed that the range of the colours and products available is more extensive than any other organic makeup brand.


River Veda Skincare Range

I was most impressed with the concealer and foundations – both were extremely velvety with great coverage. The blush and the lipgloss had natural pigment and the lipgloss was 95.5% organic and 100% natural ingredients. It’s important to have natural ingredients, especially in our lipsticks and glosses because we ingest more of this product than any others, but all skincare and makeup gets absorbed by our skin so ends up in our organism anyway, making it that much more important to use natural and organic products.

You’ll be mesmerised by the packaging of the makeup – aesthetic, light and beautiful, with bamboo lids and compacts. Most of the skincare comes in aluminium tubes – recyclable but also protects the creams against light exposure.

World Organics Makeup Layout

 World Organics Makeup 

World Organics Sun Kissed Bronzer

World Organics Sun Kissed Bronzer with 71.45% Organic Ingredients

World Organics Eyeshadow Palette

Mineral Eyeshadow Palette – Twilight Star

I also had the pleasure of meeting the World Organics founder Megan Douglas. Megan is not just a lovely person to have a chat with, but she is also a qualified Herbal Practitioner and Naturopath. We talked about the origins of World Organics, Megan explained to me a lot of the processes that go into getting an Organic Certification, starting from the ingredients down to the certification of the plant and process. We also had a look at some photos of the staff at World Organics visiting the farmers in India – there were so many smiles and so much colour in those photos and what a great way to introduce all employees to all stages of the product production + meeting the people who grow the organic ingredients; plants, flowers for these beautiful products.

World Organics Launch Australia

Meeting Megan Douglas and Noni Smith at the World Organics Launch Australia in Sydney

I learned that World Organics use Supercritical extracts as the main ingredient in their products. This technology is a breakthrough in herbal extraction; the cleanest, purest way to extract a plant’s value with maximum nutritional benefits. These extracts are extremely concentrated, wonderfully pure and super potent (more than 50 times stronger than conventional extracts.) Megan showed me some of the extracts and I had a smell of some of the oils – they smelled phenomenal – like being immersed in a field of flowers. Nothing synthetic or artificial about them. I couldn’t believe the difference this Supercritical Extracts makes to retaining all the natural fragrances + nutrients.

World Organics Calendula Cream

Calendula Cream – all natural pigment and calming properties

World Organics Makeup SwatchesColour swatch: Lipstick (Sahara), Lipgloss (Iris), Sun Kissed Bronzer, Eyeshadow Palette (Twilight Star)


You can purchase World Organics skincare and makeup from the online store

Some more facts about World Organics:

They do not test on animals. A lot of the products are certified vegan which requires that no testing on animals occurs.
The vegan products:
The Organic Skin Co. – Lipstick
The Organic Skin Co. – Lip Gloss
The Organic Skin Co. – Blush
The Organic Skin Co. – Mascara
River Veda – Nurture SPF 30+
River Veda – Rejuvenate – Heavenly Words Lip Balm

Over 90% of all World Organics products are certified ‘organic’ or ‘made with organic’ (70%+ organic). They can be identified by the BioGro logo stamped on their packaging.

State of the Art Manufacturing Plant:
Some of the World Organics products are manufactured in a purpose-built, state of the art industrial plant in India. The plant is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, and one of the few facilities in the world that is mainly solar-powered.

How to check if a products is organic?
Beware Greenwashing:
- Greenwashing is the practice of making an unsubstantiated claim about the environmental or natural benefits of a product. It happens often because much of the cosmetics industry remains unregulated.

- A product which claims to be natural might only contain 1% natural ingredients. Customers can protect themselves by reading the ingredients listed on the packaging and by looking for certification stamps.








Tarte Cosmetics Contour Highlight Review and Finished Look

Tarte Cosmetics Contour Highlight Review and Finished Look

If you’re into contouring here is a quick product that does the job. I also love my cream contour palettes but when you’re in a rush and just need a quick contour fix, use this Tarte Sculptor.

So many beauty bloggers love this contouring crayon, including Chloe Morello.

The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer

A slimming face slenderizer in tarte’s signature park ave princess™ shade making it easier than ever to contour like a pro

I love that it’s retractable and the colour I have is just dark enough to be blended for a perfect shadow, but not too dark. I sound like I can’t describe what I am talking about so best to show in photos.

Tarte Contour Pencil Open

I just trace where I want the contour to be. The nose, cheek bones and also the jawline.

Tarte Contour Pencil Contouring Nose

After that I blend

Tarte Cosmetics Contouring Face

Tarte Contouring Finished Look

After the full contour I apply foundation called Elixir Superieur Whitening Liquid Foundation( I still can’t get this foundation in Australia, it’s Shiseido brand and I did a review on it a Long long time ago here, but because it’s one of their MANY brands, I can only get my hands on this one in Japan). Is anyone going to Japan soon?

For powder I use Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette and as it comes in three different shades in the palette, I use the darkest one as a bronzer/blusher.

Tarte Cosmetics Dark Plum Contour Face

The finished look was done with Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette for Eyes
Rimmel Provocalips Transferproof Lipstick in “Kiss Fatal” Shade

I’ve recently been testing the Cover FX Contour Palette and really like it as well. For quick contouring on the go, the Tarte Sculptor is rated among the best.

Watch this review by Beauty By Shirine for the full product demo and you can also see the awesome Tarte Contour Brush which I use to blend. Ranks 5 stars on the Sephora rating system.


Nudestix are Freakn’ Awesome!

Nudestix are Freakn’ Awesome!

If you haven’t tried them – please do yourself a favour and get a whole bunch!

Nudestix are basically these great pencils which come in awesome metal containers that have a built in mirror in the lid.

Nudestix containers




There are lip + cheek ,eye pencils + concealer pencils.

Nudestix concealer

eye and lip pencils Nudestix

Nudestix blown eye pencil


The pencils are soft and super moisturising, so if you’re used to pencil lippies drying out your lips – these ones will actually moisturise them!

They all come with these awesome sharpeners which you can pop on the other end of the pencil. Also the eyeshadow pencil has a smudge tip for creating smokey eye effects.

Nudestix sharpener Nudestix sharpener close upNudestix eye pencil with smudge end



Nudestix are exclusive to Sephora.

What do you think of Nudestix and which ones are your favourites if you love them?


Instagram Giveaway. Cosmetics Worth $270 Running till 10th of May

Instagram Giveaway. Cosmetics Worth $270 Running till 10th of May

I am currently running a giveaway on my Instagram account @liveshoptravel.

Entry is simple.

Follow @liveshoptravel

Share the original photo below on your account

Don’t forget to hashtag #liveshoptravel

and you’re in the draw!


PRIZEPACK worth $270 includes:

IT Cosmetics Bronzer $34 Similar here

IT Cosmetics Anti Ageing Face Disk $38

Urban Decay Eyeshadow $30 (Not sold in Australia). Similar here

Colour Theory Eyeshadow $6

Colour Theory Bronzer $8

Andrea Fulerton Nail Art Pen $15

Puretopia Lip Plumping Treatment $14.95

Make Up Store Eyeshadow $35

LUMA Tinted Moisturiser $24.95

Australis Eyebrow Gel $10.95


Goodluck beauties!



My Recent Treats – Hourglass Palettes, Gucci Sunnies and Porter Mag

My Recent Treats – Hourglass Palettes, Gucci Sunnies and Porter Mag

A couple of months ago I got myself some birthday month gifts. These included two Hourglass Palettes, Gucci Sunglasses and a Porter Magazine featuring Natalia Vodianova (My favourite philanthropist).

Porter Magazine and Hourglass

I am absolutely in love with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. It’s the ultimate finishing powder for day/night, hot/cold. I wear this every day over BB creams, CC creams, concealers and foundations. Tired skin becomes instantly radiant and with the three different shades, it’s easy to achieve a slightly contoured look + highlight the right areas of the face.

Hourglass Palette with Flower

Hourglass Illuminating Powder

As I am so in love with the powder I also ended up buying the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette – Atmosphere. I got both on Net-a-Porter. This online shop is becoming my favourite destination for shopping, keeping up with the latest trends and also customer service. Net-a-Porter has recently launched their Pop Up Online Store for Chanel Jewellery. (For 3 weeks only) Drool.

Hourglass Pallettes

Hourglass Eyeshadow Palette

I got my Gucci glasses at David Jones. Sunglasses are the one thing I cannot buy online. I have to try about a gazillion pairs first to see if it fits my non existent nose! Yes sunnies are supposed to sit on your nose and not on your face, but I don’t have that option. My nose just never grew! It’s forever a baby. David Jones still have a really good selection of sunglasses. I was surprised that Myer has turned all their sunglasses sections into Sunglass Huts. I only splurged on these because it was a Birthday Gift :) I find it hard to justify luxury items so I make sure it’s always a very special purchase, relevant to an occasion. Perhaps one day I can justify purchasing a $3,000 handbag but today I want to be greatful for what I have and can afford to buy.


Gucci sunnies


Gucci sunnies up close


These sunnies are an old model, however I love the detailing on the arms and temple pieces ( I had to lookup sunglasses anatomy in order to find out what these parts were actually called!) Most of all I like how they fit. I’m happy with this purchase.


Gucci sunglasses liveshoptravel


How do you treat yourself?

I hope you’re ready for a good weekend, I know I am especially after a great big storm passing through Sydney at the beginning of the week. It’s now time for the sun to come out (please!)!



The Shu Uemura PoreEraser Mousse – A Review

The Shu Uemura PoreEraser Mousse – A Review

If there was ever a time to be excited about cosmetics, its now! There are so many innovative products out there currently and I am always on the lookout for the latest. Such is my passion!

Shu Uemura have recently released an amazing haircare line, then there was the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration on cosmetics – I got to trial the Shupette nailpolish = so cute! Now this extraordinary mousse. It’s a CC cream formulation which means this product acts as a concealer, makeup base and a sun protectant with SPF 35.


shu uemura

CC Shu Uemura UV Base

Shu Uemura have continued to reinvent the mousse formulation and have now come up with this 3 in 1 complexion control primer. I love the high SPF and mousse is much easier to smooth over without having to make sure it’s even. Pores look smaller and the base helps create an even complexion.

Shu Uemura Pore Mousse

Shu Uemura UV CC Mousse Base Nozzle

Easy to apply, the nozzle structure just lets you pump as much or as little product as you need. It seems like a lot can come out from a single pump, but the lightness of the mousse means you can spread it over your entire face with ease. It sort of just melts away leaving you with a smoother skin ready for other makeup/highlighting.

Shu Uemura Mousse

Shu Uemura UV Mousse on hand

If I put this mousse on before my foundation or powder, I am confident I don’t need any other SPF as I’ve got my base covered. When you’ve got an active day ahead, it’s best to use this product with a light foundation or even just a powder – the effect is a very light makeup coverage with no ‘melting’ during the day. I wore this combination when skiing as I needed sun+wind and cold protection, but no thick/cakey makeup for the day.

Shu Uemura Mousse on complexion


Have you tried mousse products? Which ones are your faves?