Organic Beauty with a Real Difference is Here

Organic Beauty with a Real Difference is Here

World Organics have just launched in Australia and they have skincare and makeup products with ingredients sourced from all over the World. Most of the organic ingredients come from India – making it more sustainable and supporting a lot of the organic farmers, creating better opportunities for the local people and building harmonious communities.

Originating in New Zealand, this organics brand will stun you with an array of makeup and skincare products. The pigments of the lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes are soft but at the same time radiant. The skincare products are incredibly fragrant and you can soak up the goodness of all the oils, serums and moisturisers with no worries that the ingredients could be harmful as they are 99-100% natural.

World Organics Skincare

World Organics Skincare ReplenishOrganic Skin and Co and River Veda Skincare

World Organics Skincare Packaging

It was an eventful day at the World Organics launch as I got a facial and then makeup done by celebrity makeup artist, Noni Smith. Noni was using all World Organics cosmetics on me and I noticed that the range of the colours and products available is more extensive than any other organic makeup brand.


River Veda Skincare Range

I was most impressed with the concealer and foundations – both were extremely velvety with great coverage. The blush and the lipgloss had natural pigment and the lipgloss was 95.5% organic and 100% natural ingredients. It’s important to have natural ingredients, especially in our lipsticks and glosses because we ingest more of this product than any others, but all skincare and makeup gets absorbed by our skin so ends up in our organism anyway, making it that much more important to use natural and organic products.

You’ll be mesmerised by the packaging of the makeup – aesthetic, light and beautiful, with bamboo lids and compacts. Most of the skincare comes in aluminium tubes – recyclable but also protects the creams against light exposure.

World Organics Makeup Layout

 World Organics Makeup 

World Organics Sun Kissed Bronzer

World Organics Sun Kissed Bronzer with 71.45% Organic Ingredients

World Organics Eyeshadow Palette

Mineral Eyeshadow Palette – Twilight Star

I also had the pleasure of meeting the World Organics founder Megan Douglas. Megan is not just a lovely person to have a chat with, but she is also a qualified Herbal Practitioner and Naturopath. We talked about the origins of World Organics, Megan explained to me a lot of the processes that go into getting an Organic Certification, starting from the ingredients down to the certification of the plant and process. We also had a look at some photos of the staff at World Organics visiting the farmers in India – there were so many smiles and so much colour in those photos and what a great way to introduce all employees to all stages of the product production + meeting the people who grow the organic ingredients; plants, flowers for these beautiful products.

World Organics Launch Australia

Meeting Megan Douglas and Noni Smith at the World Organics Launch Australia in Sydney

I learned that World Organics use Supercritical extracts as the main ingredient in their products. This technology is a breakthrough in herbal extraction; the cleanest, purest way to extract a plant’s value with maximum nutritional benefits. These extracts are extremely concentrated, wonderfully pure and super potent (more than 50 times stronger than conventional extracts.) Megan showed me some of the extracts and I had a smell of some of the oils – they smelled phenomenal – like being immersed in a field of flowers. Nothing synthetic or artificial about them. I couldn’t believe the difference this Supercritical Extracts makes to retaining all the natural fragrances + nutrients.

World Organics Calendula Cream

Calendula Cream – all natural pigment and calming properties

World Organics Makeup SwatchesColour swatch: Lipstick (Sahara), Lipgloss (Iris), Sun Kissed Bronzer, Eyeshadow Palette (Twilight Star)


You can purchase World Organics skincare and makeup from the online store

Some more facts about World Organics:

They do not test on animals. A lot of the products are certified vegan which requires that no testing on animals occurs.
The vegan products:
The Organic Skin Co. – Lipstick
The Organic Skin Co. – Lip Gloss
The Organic Skin Co. – Blush
The Organic Skin Co. – Mascara
River Veda – Nurture SPF 30+
River Veda – Rejuvenate – Heavenly Words Lip Balm

Over 90% of all World Organics products are certified ‘organic’ or ‘made with organic’ (70%+ organic). They can be identified by the BioGro logo stamped on their packaging.

State of the Art Manufacturing Plant:
Some of the World Organics products are manufactured in a purpose-built, state of the art industrial plant in India. The plant is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, and one of the few facilities in the world that is mainly solar-powered.

How to check if a products is organic?
Beware Greenwashing:
- Greenwashing is the practice of making an unsubstantiated claim about the environmental or natural benefits of a product. It happens often because much of the cosmetics industry remains unregulated.

- A product which claims to be natural might only contain 1% natural ingredients. Customers can protect themselves by reading the ingredients listed on the packaging and by looking for certification stamps.








Vaniday Beauty App to Book a Facial in Sydney + Get $20 Off Your Booking

Vaniday Beauty App to Book a Facial in Sydney + Get $20 Off Your Booking

I used the Vaniday Beauty App to book a facial recently. It’s a new beauty booking app and site with a variety of salons and wellness centres under Australia’s biggest, booking platform. Bookings can be made, paid for and completed within 2 hours of the desired appointment time.
There are over 500 salons throughout Sydney on Vaniday!
I quickly found a salon I wanted to go to near me and booked a Classic 75 minute facial. The services span across all beauty requests you might have – including spray tans, hairdressing, manicures, masages.
I was happy to see that so many spas and salons were able to book me in on the weekend and at such short notice. I booked only a couple of days in advance for a midday Saturday. Initially I thought all those would be booked out.
The Vaniday app is kind of like an Uber. When you think it’s too hard to book appointments, it is now at your fingertips and can be done at the click of a mouse.
Here are my booking details:

Salon:  Alysium Spa by the Hilton
Appointment Time: 12pm
Day: Saturday
Spa duration: 75 minutes
Cost: $175
There are a couple of bad reviews for Alysium Spa at the Hilton hotel. I googled them again before I went in for my appointment. I have tried a massage there a couple of years ago and must say I wasn’t that impressed. Not with the quality of the service, but the ambience and the location of the spa itself. I believe the negative reviews also came through around the same time I went to Alysium Spa for the first time. My first impression, like other reviewers as well, was that the entry to the spa via a health/fitness club where you had to sign yourself in and walk through the gym was a bit un-spa like. It started the experience off on a wrong note. There is no entrance to the spa off the street so you have to get led in via a scan pass only lift. This creates a bit of confusion. After reading those reviews, I wasn’t sure what to expect any more, but it seemed no one was really complaining about the quality of service but rather other aspects of the spa such as the entrance, not being offered a drink on arrival and not being served quick enough in some instances.
When I arrived for my facial, I approached the concierge at the Hilton and he called the spa so that someone could come up and collect me from the lobby. The lady that came up to take me through was very nice and friendly. This time we didn’t go through the gym and I didn’t have to sign in as there was a separate entrance to the spa by-passing the fitness club. This is a much better outcome and I was offered a tea on arrival. (It is my understanding that before, there was some issue with the separate entrance and therefore people had to use the gym entrance temporarily).




The facial was incredibly relaxing. The products used were Payot skincare. I enjoyed the full 75 minute facial with a neck and head massage included. My skin felt amazing afterwards and I really recommend booking yourself in for regular facials. It can be a bit costly but it is an investment into your skincare regimen. I have started thinking a lot about skincare recently and for me the most important thing is that my skin stays well-hydrated and preferably out of the sun. After the facial I was asked to take my time getting dressed and ready to go out again. I was offered water or tea at the end of my treatment and I left with glowing skin and beaming , feeling very relaxed and happy after my facial.
I would recommend the Classic Facial Treatment at Alysium Spa – the price is actually quite reasonable for 75 minutes and I would go back again.
If you’re interested in booking, please Download the Vaniday app – or visit today. Use the special code I received below to try whatever treatment you fancy with $20 off.



Let me know what you think of the app and your beauty appointment :)





La Biosthetique Signature Treatment Review. Now available at Luxurious Lizard Island Essentia Spa!

La Biosthetique Signature Treatment Review. Now available at Luxurious Lizard Island Essentia Spa!

If you’re thinking of your next travel destination for a getaway, have a think about receiving a premium spa treatment with luxurious Parisian range of skincare products form La Biosthetique at an exclusive island resort with a cool name.

Lizard Island had officially reopened its doors to guests this month. The Essentia Day Spa is going to be providing signature treatments for guests and as there is only one resort on the island, you can completely relax in the tranquility of North Queensland tropics and enjoy all the Day spa has to offer.

Lizard Island Kayaking

Lizard Island Paradise

A bit of history on Lizard Island -

It was named Lizard Island by captain Cook because lots of large lizards aka iguanas were spotted living on this remote piece of land in the Pacific Ocean.

Due to cyclone damage earlier this year the resort had to be rebuilt and fixed up. A multi million dollar investment went into the island to make it pristine, beautiful and superbly luxurious again. With all that work, Lizard Island is set to reclaim its position as one of the World’s leading premium resort.

Now although I haven’t been to the resort yet, I have been able to try out the signature spa treatment at the Sydney HQ for La Biosthetique – Bauhaus Hair in Waterloo.

Bauhaus Hair Waterloo Sign

Bauhaus Hair Lobby Collage

Bauhaus Hair Salon Interier

Bauhaus Hair: Entry, Lobby and Salon

This treatment is now available at Essentia, the island spa. It’s a 2 hour treatment that lets your tension melt away and gives your body a full nourishment and relaxation.

The treatment I had was a full body exfoliation and a customised facial using La Biosthetique products inspired by a Nobel Prize discovery in age management.

Bauhaus Hair is a great salon. I’ve walked passed a few times but didn’t realise how big it was on the inside. It’s mainly a hair salon but they also do body and facial treatments.

For the first time in my life I was going through a La Biosthetique skin test with special colourful serums which upon wiping the side of my jaw and nose, could tell me which type of skin I had – oily vs dry, dehydrated or normal. It turns out I have dehydrated skin, so I’ll be extra careful from now on with nourishing my body with enough water during the day and then also using skincare products to moisturise my skin really well.

La Biosthetique Skin Testing Products

La Biosthetique Skin Testing

Sarah, who was my beauty and spa therapist, walked me through the treatment after doing the skin consultation.

The scrub was extremely gentle and the wrap relaxed me so much I wanted to fall asleep immediately. Talk about complete relaxation!

When I was all wrapped up and cozy Sarah started the facial.

Essentia Spa Brushes

La Biosthetique Essentia Spa Brushes

I loved it so much and my skin is still glowing with radiance from all the beautiful products that were put on my skin. The whole procedure starts with a ritualistic brush massage which welcomes you to the signature treatment at the spa and helps release any tension. It’s easy to continue chatting away, but after the soft bristles started to swirl around my complexion, all I wanted to do was be quite and very still and just enjoy the experience.

My favourite part was the masque that was applied and also I think vitamin capsules! Sarah explained to me that the vitamin capsules were like multivitamins for your skin. To be used especially in times of stress or lack of rest. Just like our body, our skin needs nourishment and this treatment surely delivers all the goodness in one little capsule, like a serum, but in a little silicon pill.

I might do a cheeky getaway to Lizard Island soon just to experience the spa treatments in this amazing resort, since I am already sold on the treatments!


Lizard Island Bookings

More on Essentia Spa

La Biosthetique Products

Scholl Pack Giveaway to Give Your Feet A Makeover

Scholl Pack Giveaway to Give Your Feet A Makeover

It’s been boot weather for a few weeks and this is when your feet will probably need TLC most. I know I am notoriously bad at doing pedicures when it’s cold and feet are not as exposed.

For some this post is probably not as Beauty related, but for me it’s important to look after all parts of my body from head to toes.

That is why I’ve teamed up with Scholl foot care to Giveaway a Velvet Smooth Express Pedi and a Heel Balm to give your feet some love and care this winter.

( I apologise in advance to those who do not want to see feet on the internet – Sorry, this is the internet. If you don’t want to see, scroll all the way to the bottom and enter to win the prize :))

Scholl Pedicure

Again, to enter this comp, scroll to the bottom and there are lots of ways to enter!

I have been using the heel balm and the Velvet Express Pedi products from Scholl and here is my foot before. The heel especially is quite dry and not attractive :/

Heel of a foot before Velvet smooth finish pedi

With the balm, I’ve been getting softer feet and the Express Pedi device is amazing – all you need to do is OPEN the bottom bit once out of the plastic pack:

Velvet Smooth Diamond Express Pedi Scholl

Take Out the Plastic red bit preventing the battery from connecting.

Velvet smooth diamond pedi Scholl On

Switch it on – SEE IT WORKING!

Scholl Pedicure Device Velvet

Express pedi will do it’s business on all of your dry skin. ( Just don’t use anywhere else except feet!)

Heel Scholl Balm Feet

Et voila! I can rest with my feet on the table and even take photos – I think this Express home pedi is just what I needed!

Feet Up On The Table with Scholl Products


Starts Midnight 27 May 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prizepack includes:


1. Scholl Velvet Diamond Smooth Express Pedi RRP $50


 2. Scholl Eulactol Heel Balm RRP $14


Total Prize Value Approx $64

Competition runs for 2 weeks. Winner will receive an email from Liveshoptravel directly. 


Good luck!




Creme Simon and Creme Universelle Now Available in Australia

Creme Simon and Creme Universelle Now Available in Australia

Creme Simon Box of ProductsCreme Simon is such a beautiful brand, with rich history and origins. The brand was born in France and I was amazed to learn a lot about the heritage of this truly international brand even in mid 20th century.

Women all over the world were using the famous Creme Simon for all types of skin and different needs – be it suncare or protection from the cold weather.

It was a real pleasure to meet some of the people behind the brand, they were here in Sydney personally meeting bloggers like myself and explaining about the brand and products.

Creme Simon Brand Book

The brand book we were given summarises the history of this brand and the significance of the products throughout the years.

Here you can see very old advertisements with Creme Simon products. I also saw ads in different languages.

Creme Simon Old Ads

The products from Creme Simon focus on beautiful skin. Thus the box of goodness contained moisturiser, mask, eye cream and cleanser.

I received a box of these products just before jetting off to North America and desperately needed some great skincare goods for the long haul flight to LA.

My hero trio were these:

Creme Simon Top Products

Creme Universelle, Brightening Detox Eye Treatment and the magical Brightening Detox Restorative Sleeping Mask. I think this mask saved my skin! Who experiences extreme dryness when they’re on the airplane? (Hand goes flying up in the air vigorously!) MEEEE! I must have applied this mask on my face 5-6 times throughout the flight and within minutes it would all be absorbed without any residue. The moisture I received was on another level and my skin stayed soft and supple even after finally getting off a 22 hour journey (Sydney>LA>Seattle) in Seattle.

Creme Simon Leave On Mask

Consistency wise this mask is quite gel-like on application. Very light, pleasant smelling.

Creme Simon Leave On Mask Consistency

Layers beautifully onto the skin and gets absorbed immediately.

I wouldn’t leave the earth’s surface without this mask, guaranteed!

Another lifesaver is this Brightening Detox Multi Benefits Eye Treatment. Acts as an under eye roll on, with a click system that dispenses the right amount of product, so later you can massage your eye area as long as you like. Brilliant!

Creme Simon Eye Brightening

Creme Simon Eye Brightening Roll OnI quite enjoy massaging under my eyes with the metal roll on ball. It’s very soothing and helps relieve any puffiness. Again good thing to do when you’re on a long haul flight.

Creme Simon Eye Roll On Application

Finally the Creme Simon Original, Creme Universelle. Since the 19th century this cream has been used by countless women from Paris to Tokyo. You can use this cream on your lips, your face, hands, body, elbows, knees – please name a body part that you can’t moisturise with this product? Great moisturisation, really nice fragrance and not super greasy.

Creme Simon Creme Universal Consistency

Creme Simon Universal lips 2

Comes in a small, pocket sized, flat tube as well so you can carry this in any handbag or clutch. Universal use! Do I need to say any more? That’s why it’s called Creme Universelle! :)

Creme Simon Creme Universal Lips

Creme Simon in Australia is now available exclusively at Sephora!

Creme Simon website also ships internationally and it takes 2-4 days to ship to Australia. Big win!


Creme Universelle is at USD 51, approx AUD 63

Restorative Sleeping Mask USD 51, approx AUD 63

Multi Benefits Eye Treatment Gel USD 18.50, approx AUD 23


If you’ve had any experience with the Creme Simon brand I’d love to hear :) So far I’ve loved the products because they’re so well designed. On the website you can also request samples and indicate whether the climate you need these products for is cold/humid/sunny etc. There are different benefits with each one.



The Anti Ageing Breakthrough Treatment Set to Revolutionise Everything You Know – Because Science!

The Anti Ageing Breakthrough Treatment Set to Revolutionise Everything You Know – Because Science!

There are so many anti ageing treatments out there and we don’t usually know which one to choose. Some ingredients are vital – Retinol, Vitamin C, AHA etc

How do these ingredients work and which ones actually show any results?

I went to an interesting launch recently – it was the reveal of ONE Truth 818 Serum.

818 treatment bottle and boxThis product is set to revolutionise the anti ageing industry with all the incredible research that’s been put into this serum.

If you are a bit of a science nerd, you’ll enjoy this spiel: (if not, just scroll down to a quick summary and some more photos of product + trial results)

For the launch we sat through a fascinating lecture, presented by Dr Bill Andrews, the professor and scientist behind the 1 truth serum. Due to the high potency of the 818 ingredient, which is the number of the particle that has been proven to extend the life of telomeres , 1 Truth 818 is the most efficiently proven anti-ageing treatment in the beauty industry today. Telomeres are something all living creatures have, and these are basically ‘strings’ in our chromosomes. The longest age a human being is calculated to live to is 152. Most of the time it’s less than that. This is because our telomeres shorten over time and when they get to a critically low level, that’s when we die. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, no smoking, less stress are contributors to a reduced rate of telomere shortening and the opposite way for those with damaging lifestyle choices. All diseases which naturally come with old age are the result of shortening telomeres and unfortunately we can’t do much to stop that process. If we ask ourselves why we age – the answer is Our telomeres are simply shortening. Every time a cell regenerates itself (splits) – when we grow, when our skin particles renew themselves, when we need to repair something internally, our bodies are constantly working, the telomeres shorten within those cells. It’s almost like we have a limited number of building blocks and once those are used up, our bodies are no longer functional. That’s why more often than not we feel young in spirit, it’s just our bodies that become fragile and weak over time. Women are proven to live longer than men and that is because our telomeres are a bit longer i.e. we have more of them. Cats and Dogs have shorter telomeres than humans and so on. There is an exact correlation between life span and the length of telomeres one possesses. A scary but fascinating thing we can do these days is find out how many telomeres we have left. That will then be a predictor of approximately how long we have left to live! (Scary stuff huh?) I don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon or maybe it will actually be a motivator to live life as a happy person and not sweat the small stuff :)

The molecule TAM818 is the world’s most powerful Telomerase inducer, a molecule that rejuvenates telomeres hence rewinding skin ageing. Molecule TAM 818 is the highest potency agent that has been discovered so far in Sierra Sciences (Founded by Dr Bill Andrews ). This means that the rate of telomere shortening is reduced by about 14%. Dr Bill Andrews wants to discover a molecule that will not only stop the ageing process but help lengthen telomeres, thus reversing the ageing process. Think of it a a “tug of war” scenario where the telomere shortening is being pulled one way and lengthening is pulled the other. Sierra Sciences want to get to a point where the lengthening side is stronger.

Layout 818

Tam 818 Treatment in Hand


The Serum

818 product on hand I’ve been using 1 Truth 818 Serum for the past couple of months. It’s Very moisturising, pleasant smelling and non greasy. Gets absorbed by the skin really quickly and is easy to apply. The recommended way to use this product is morning and night after cleansing. There are numerous Before and After testimonials if you are interested here and Clinical Results here.

My initial impression is that the product works on some level. There is definitely a sense of rejuvenation. I can see that my skin is fresher in the morning and there is a bit more bounce to it. Seeing as I don’t have any visible wrinkles on my face yet, I am not able to say whether there was significant wrinkle improvement. It’s always a good idea to use these products as a preventative measure anyway and if the ageing process is slowing down, who is to say that I will not look 20 in my 50s? I really hope that that will be the case but I can’t tell you in this blog post unfortunately. I have to see that day when it comes.

I’ve tried Retinol and Retin-A products – those things are potent. You can smell the chemical scent and the skin can sometimes tingle and even peel after prolonged use. I haven’t felt anything like that with 1 Truth 818. Just really well looked after, moisturised skin.

It’s a pleasant product to use and if you always follow the latest and the best in anti ageing I would definitely recommend trying this product. It is the latest in terms of scientific tests when it comes to telomere study. The lab results don’t lie when it comes to the potency of this molecule and it’s the only serum out there at the moment which can claim the benefits of the 818 patented technology. All I can say is that this serum is really pleasant to use and you will feel a rejuvenation in your skin’s elasticity, tone and moisture after a few weeks of use. Now whether it reverses ageing, only time will tell, and I will make sure I let you know!


RRP $299

Buy here


Do you use Anti Ageing products? Which would you recommend?




Disclaimer: I haven’t been paid to endorse this product, I have attended the launch and met Dr Bill Andrews personally and have received the serum as a gift.