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Cactus Spotting in Mexico in a Bit of Red

IMG_6884At around 5 in the afternoon, when the sun has not quite set but there is some breeze and a soft light surrounding us, it was the perfect time to take some awesome shots of our resort and the jumpsuit outfit I acquired before going away. What an awesome place this is! Los Cabos, Mexico, I think I’m in <3

IMG_6794 IMG_6796  IMG_6909 IMG_6881 IMG_6841 IMG_6822 IMG_6786 IMG_6766 IMG_6776  IMG_6849 IMG_6905 IMG_6907


Jumpsuit – Boohoo Boutique

Hat – San Diego Hat Co. (purchased in Hawaii)

Beach Bag – Industrie

Shoes – aquired in Kuala Lumpur


Location – Riu Santa Fe, Los Cabos, Mexico

Photos taken by my husband J


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The Perfect Travel Case to Take on Holiday – Paklite Buddy

It has always been my number one aim to go light when travelling. I then go on an extreme and cull most clothing out of my packing, one time I flew to Melbourne for the weekend with a duffle bag. I was so proud that I packed so light. In the end it turned out I didn’t bring any pants, skirts or bottoms of any sort, just tops! So I had to shop and on the flight back my light packing was a nightmare. I literally boarded the plane with all my bags of shopping! Luckily it was only a 1 hour flight back to Sydney.

This time around I am thinking through what I am going to take and doing it responsibly! I wanted to make sure I did it on the blog as well, so that I have some evidence that I at least tried this time (lol).

Luckily for this trip I have a Paklite JET-LITE sutcase – its this awesome medium sized, hard case suitcase which is ideal to take for 9 days of holidaying, without much heavy stuff or winter clothes. I am also not really planning to shop in Mexico, just relaxing and soaking in the sun is on the agenda, so no heavy packing.


Paklite have an a great range of luggage in Australia and I recently saw this tweeted by @katejohnsonhq

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 3.46.47 PM

What a fun case to take on a trip. As if trips were not exciting already – now I am excited to have such awesome luggage with me!!!

And look at my super efficient packing :)


It fits everything in perfectly and I am happy with the colour because once you’re at a conveyor belt trying to pick up your luggage, it can be a never ending game of “Spot your bag”, with all of them looking practically the same.

IMG_6759My one was so easy to spot and pick up!

I fit all of my 9 day attire for a beach/pool holiday into it. The handy zip compartment which divides the two sides of the luggage is quite useful for storing smaller items so they don’t scatter around everywhere.

And here is a pic of me 24 hours later in the Cabo airport. (so tired)


It’s only full day 2 of our holiday and I am in love with Cabo.

Another post coming up shortly on outfit I wore in Mexico but for now Adios Amigos!

A quick update (post holiday):

This suitcase really was a gem to take travelling, not only it was easy to spot at baggage collection, it seemed to always be one of the first to come out! I am always the one waiting for my bag to rotate around, watching other bags appear time and time again in an anti clock wise maze of luggage.

From the Paklite people:

Bored of looking at ubiquitous black luggage on every airport carousel? Do you use the ‘ribbon’ tactic to identify your own, only to realise several others have similar ribbons and you’re back to square one? In three sizes, with a modern Carbon Grey, Gold Dust or Imperial Purple metallic finish, Jet-lite is available in a size and colour to match your travelling style – and makes a statement in every airport. In addition to its sleek contemporary design, Jet-lite comes with TSA security combination locks and is made from 100 per cent polycarbonate – used to make bulletproof glass – ensuring your contents will arrive safely and look great in the process.

 RRP: $299 (small) $329 (medium) $359 (large)

I agree that this really is an awesome case to take with you! xx

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Beauty products to take to a sunny location

Bags are not packed yet, I am waiting for a special suitcase to start getting excited for my trip! yayayay!

But, I am starting to think about what beauty products best to take to a summer destination such as Mexico…


There will be lots of swimming in the pool and ocean and its quite hot, so there is a high need for thorough sun protection. After being exposed to the sun, your skin needs good hydration and moisture retention. Don’t forget about hair either, a leave in treatment is what your hair will need to stay hydrated in the sunny weather and exposure to salt and chlorine water. I’m also packing blotting paper for the day when it gets too hot and there’s sweat and oil showing up on your face. For the night I am packing my Nuxe Huile with shimmering particles to compliment the future tan and glow.

Here are the products I am getting ready to pack:
Good sunscreen for the body

Clarins SPF 30+


❥ Mask to help skin repair itself

Subtle Energies Dry Pitta Mud

This mask comes as a powder and has a mineral-rich formulation. Activated with a few drops of water, its an awesome product to take on holiday because powder is so much lighter than carting around a clay mask.


IMG_6666 Hydration for after sun

SugarBaby SunTanned Sweetie Skin Recovery Cream

This body butter cream smells like coconut cocktails and moisturises from head to toe.

Skinfood Aloe Moisture Ampule

We know that Aloe is good for your skin as it locks in moisture and is a recommended product to use after sun exposure.


  Sun Protection for the face

Clarins SPF 30+

Perfect product to take on a beach holiday with high SPF and unique formulation for sensitive skin to prevent redness. Broad spectrum also protects from UVA and UVB rays.

Neutrogena Healthy Defence

This is my go to product for easy sun protection for the face. Acts like a moisturiser and a sunscreen and can be used as a primer.

La Roche-Posay BB Cream

Not a fan of wearing foundation any more, so this is my every day sun protection, cover and moisturiser. This French brand makes beautiful skincare and this BB cream is no exception. I am taking this baby with me everywhere, particularly somewhere hot for light feel but decent coverage.


 Sun protection make up for the days out and about

Innisfree Makeup Primer with SPF

This product helps soothe skin when you’ve been out in the sun all day and paired with a great mineral powder, is all you need to have for make up at a resort or out and about.

Antipodes Mineral Powder with SPF

Have been using this new make up essential from Antipodes. The mineral powder is so light but protects the skin quite well. I am thrilled that this product also has SPF. It’s unbelievable how hard it is to find makeup with SPF, particularly loose powder. The soft luminous particles help highlight your complexion. Thanks Antipodes for another gem of a product!


 Everyday essentials

Blotting tissue

For when its too hot and the old T-zone gets a bit of a workout, theres nothing easier than using these blotting tissues to give your skin a clean, matte feel again.

Little Bird Paw Paw Balm in Tangerine

I can’t get over how amazing these little balms are. The tangerine scent goes well with holiday mode and I’ll keep using this baby on the plane ride and while soaking up the sun.

Guerlain Meteorites Travel Touch Powder

This travel touch powder from Guerlain comes with me every time I travel. Small enough to fit into a cosmetics purse, great for freshening up your complexion and adds that spark to a tired looking face after a long haul flight or a big night out.


 For the night out/dinner:

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse with Shimmering particles

Just what the Guerlain Meteorites Touch Powder does for my face, this magical oil gives your whole body a glow. With a powder of gold particles and the beautiful fragrance, a drop of this oil is enough to make anyone feel like a goddess.


IMG_6719 For the hair:

Leave in treatment/ masque

Color WOW One Minute Transformation Styling Creme

When applied to dry hair, this treatment creme can style any type of damaged hair. Transforms damaged-looking, distressed hair into liquidy-smooth, silky hair with healthy-looking shine. Great for a quick fix to hydrate hair in no time.


What products would you recommend to take to a sunny location?




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