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What and how to pack for a beach holiday :) Tips from experts!

It’s that time again! Holidays! Quite timely actually as Sydney is getting cold, we’re off to sunny Cabo, Mexico in a few weeks. I am uber excited and I’m looking at beach holiday packing inspirations from my favourite celeb blogs.

1st of all because the projected weather forecast for August is SUN and 30-40 degree heat, its important not to overpack. The hotel we’re staying at also talks about dress code and apparently at dinnertime you have to wear smart casual wear, that is guys can’t wear sleeveless tops or shorts.

Here is what GOOP recommends:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.02.37 PM

I love this! SO simple and the white colour for the beach is perfect. I need to dig up all of my white dresses!

What to wear on the plane is important and again the white theme prevails.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.09.08 PM
It is a bit different for us thought than for those flying from America to Mexico because my plane trip is 13 hours to San Francisco with a layover in Los Angeles and we don’t get into Cabo till night time. So for that I prefer another plane riding outfit.

It’s important to layer as there are changes in temperature on and off the plane.

my plane outfit as part of the entire look for the trip, so I wear comfy clothes that I can easily incorporate into other outfits.

(Gwyneth Paltrow)

1. Leggings – warm and comfortable – you need a stretchy fabric on the plane.

2. T-shirt and a long sleeve shirt – you can easily go from tee to long sleeve and the other way around, depending on changes in temperature.

3. Blazer – look smart casual no matter where you go. The Blazer will smarten up any outfit and also help with layering

4. Scarf – for some colour and big enough to cover you up when it gets chilly in the air. I usually bring my big pashmina blanket scarf acquired in Paris. It defo doubles as a blanket on the plane.

5. Flats and Boots – Flats for the plane and boots when you land. Make sure these are comfy. In this instance I’m going to pack sandals or thongs so when I land in Mexico, I can change into those off the plane (beach ready!)

Here are some top travel tips from fashion and style experts:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.08.04 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.06.59 PM
Share your packing holiday tips with me in the comment section :)



It’s time to go “home” for now

As we prepare for just one more day in Korea I’m a bit sad by the fact that these two weeks have flown by so quickly and it’s “home” time again. We had a fantastic time here and it’s a bit of a breather for me to travel to a bigger city where people still manage to be friendly and helpful.

I wrote HOME in question marks because Sydney is where I live now but at the moment it doesn’t feel like my home. I am not quite sure why. My immediate family lives there and also my friends. My cat Cleo is waiting for us in our apartment and we live in the heart of the city so there are things happening all the time. I guess I’ve been finding it hard to find my feet a bit in Sydney in the last few months. I have lives there for 9 years combined and used to be in love with it! I decided not to stay in San Francisco, when I had a chance, to come to Sydney and start my career there.

On our exploring around the Gangnam district today in busy Seoul I went into Skin Food (Korean make up/skincare store which I’ll blog about shortly!) and the girls in there were so sweet and excited about the fact I was from Sydney. It’s so far to travel, they exclaimed. Yes girls, it is far. I feel like I am too far from the rest of the world and somehow maybe missing out on a few things? Fast internet, nighttime activity that isn’t limited to drinking at pubs, late night shopping every night, no loud drunken noises and neatly dressed people, feeling safe walking around by myself at night. Another reason I don’t feel at home in Sydney at the moment is because I am a night owl. If you’re a night owl in a coastal Australian city, forget it! You’ll feel like half your life has gone by by the time you wake up. But maybe that’s just me.

We also work a lot in Sydney just like any big city in the world but our night time activity is quite limited and sometimes weekends are not enough to get everything done.

I know this sounds a bit negative, don’t get me wrong, there are so many things I love about Sydney and I have made a life there. That life has now got green leaves and some blooms. Only I keep picturing something my husband told me once about tornadoes – it’s like a tree in a tornado, those that have no deep, abundant roots can easily get blown over and taken away by string winds. My tree has no roots yet, it’s green and blooming for now and maybe that’s what’s making me feel like something is missing.

And until I find my true home, the city of Seoul will have mine.



Visiting a Cat Cafe in trendy Seoul is an experience

Before we flew to Korea I started following the Cute in Korea blog by Elle.

She blogged about visiting a Cat Cafe in Seoul. It looked like a fun thing to do and it was on my to do list once we arrived.

The few others I googled were not to be found in Hongdae – the area in Seoul that reminds me of Harajuku because of all the trendy little shops and fashion boutiques. Its a university area so there are lots of young people and there is a trendy vibe around the place. Tom’s cat cafe was under renovation :( so we set out to look for others. Aparently Hongdae is where you find all of these pet cafes.

We found one by googling around again on our phones. Thankfully free wifi is everywhere in Korea so if you’re travelling you don’t have to worry about using up all your roaming data which in Australia will cost you an arm and a leg.

photo 1

Browsing on the streets of Hongdae

Its not the easiest place to orientate oneself but we found a little sign out the front of a shop and a whole lot of tourist looking girl exit down the stairs, so it was a given clue that this was the right place :)

photo 5

If you can read Korean you’ll find the directions on this map easy ;)

photo 4


First you take off your shoes and change into slippers. You’re also asked to sanitise your hands so that you don’t bring any bacteria to the kitties.

photo 3The entrance fee is 8,000 WON (approximately $8) and that includes your drink which you can choose from the kitty menu.

photo 2Then you’re given a card with some instructions on what not to do so that all the cats inside are happy and don’t get frustrated by clientele.

photo 1This is my buddy who sat next to us while we had our drinks at the table.

photo 5He came around later to say hello.

photo 2All the kitties seem to be quite happy not to be patted too much because we came in the evening. Apparently if you come earlier in the day they’re a bit more happy to see you’ve come to visit. I don’t blame them :)

photo 4This one didn’t seem to want to come down to be social at all.

photo 3I still took photos

photo 3Overall it is a strange and unique experience. After a while you feel a bit weird sitting around in a room surrounded by cats but good one to add to the travel itinerary just for kicks. I do love cats and I have a cat at home called Cleo but they are very independent creatures and one visit won’t guarantee friendship. You have to build a relationship with cats and they all have very different personalities.

photo 2


The cats seemed happy enough and well taken care off. They have areas where they can get away from attention if they don’t want it, those areas have “Don’t touch” signs everywhere and no kids below school age are allowed in.

Here is a iphone video I took. Sorry about the quality and the vertical position. I learnt not to film that way any more :O

photo 1There are also lots of boxes for them to sleep in – a cat favourite thing to do.

Hope you enjoyed this post. We are now in Pyeongchang – the resort village where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held. Perfect place for some down time :)