Creme Simon and Creme Universelle Now Available in Australia

Creme Simon and Creme Universelle Now Available in Australia

Creme Simon Box of ProductsCreme Simon is such a beautiful brand, with rich history and origins. The brand was born in France and I was amazed to learn a lot about the heritage of this truly international brand even in mid 20th century.

Women all over the world were using the famous Creme Simon for all types of skin and different needs – be it suncare or protection from the cold weather.

It was a real pleasure to meet some of the people behind the brand, they were here in Sydney personally meeting bloggers like myself and explaining about the brand and products.

Creme Simon Brand Book

The brand book we were given summarises the history of this brand and the significance of the products throughout the years.

Here you can see very old advertisements with Creme Simon products. I also saw ads in different languages.

Creme Simon Old Ads

The products from Creme Simon focus on beautiful skin. Thus the box of goodness contained moisturiser, mask, eye cream and cleanser.

I received a box of these products just before jetting off to North America and desperately needed some great skincare goods for the long haul flight to LA.

My hero trio were these:

Creme Simon Top Products

Creme Universelle, Brightening Detox Eye Treatment and the magical Brightening Detox Restorative Sleeping Mask. I think this mask saved my skin! Who experiences extreme dryness when they’re on the airplane? (Hand goes flying up in the air vigorously!) MEEEE! I must have applied this mask on my face 5-6 times throughout the flight and within minutes it would all be absorbed without any residue. The moisture I received was on another level and my skin stayed soft and supple even after finally getting off a 22 hour journey (Sydney>LA>Seattle) in Seattle.

Creme Simon Leave On Mask

Consistency wise this mask is quite gel-like on application. Very light, pleasant smelling.

Creme Simon Leave On Mask Consistency

Layers beautifully onto the skin and gets absorbed immediately.

I wouldn’t leave the earth’s surface without this mask, guaranteed!

Another lifesaver is this Brightening Detox Multi Benefits Eye Treatment. Acts as an under eye roll on, with a click system that dispenses the right amount of product, so later you can massage your eye area as long as you like. Brilliant!

Creme Simon Eye Brightening

Creme Simon Eye Brightening Roll OnI quite enjoy massaging under my eyes with the metal roll on ball. It’s very soothing and helps relieve any puffiness. Again good thing to do when you’re on a long haul flight.

Creme Simon Eye Roll On Application

Finally the Creme Simon Original, Creme Universelle. Since the 19th century this cream has been used by countless women from Paris to Tokyo. You can use this cream on your lips, your face, hands, body, elbows, knees – please name a body part that you can’t moisturise with this product? Great moisturisation, really nice fragrance and not super greasy.

Creme Simon Creme Universal Consistency

Creme Simon Universal lips 2

Comes in a small, pocket sized, flat tube as well so you can carry this in any handbag or clutch. Universal use! Do I need to say any more? That’s why it’s called Creme Universelle! :)

Creme Simon Creme Universal Lips

Creme Simon in Australia is now available exclusively at Sephora!

Creme Simon website also ships internationally and it takes 2-4 days to ship to Australia. Big win!


Creme Universelle is at USD 51, approx AUD 63

Restorative Sleeping Mask USD 51, approx AUD 63

Multi Benefits Eye Treatment Gel USD 18.50, approx AUD 23


If you’ve had any experience with the Creme Simon brand I’d love to hear :) So far I’ve loved the products because they’re so well designed. On the website you can also request samples and indicate whether the climate you need these products for is cold/humid/sunny etc. There are different benefits with each one.