Delhi By the Way – Sydney Restaurant Review

Delhi By the Way – Sydney Restaurant Review

Delhi by the Way is a relatively new Indian restaurant in Sydney’s Pott’s Point.
When I looked up the address, 42 Kellett st, I remembered that it is in this restaurant 7 years ago my husband and I met for the very first time.

It was a memorable experience for us then to visit the new restaurant which now exists at the same address, in the same building. The same charm and warmth that was present nearly a decade ago.

Dehli By the way sydneyPopular Kellet st location in Potts Point

The staff were lovely and we were seated on the ground floor. The venue also has quite a large upstairs area so can handle a few people.

When it comes to discovering menus, it’s good to go with a tasting platter style. We opted in for a banquet and it became a bit of a feast for us.

Dehli By The Way Restaurant Sydney

A true feast at Dehli By the Way

Before attending Delhi by the Way for dinner, I read a few online reviews and many people recommend the onion fritters (Onion Bhaji) and so we started with that dish (not included in the banquet) and the Chicken Tikka Masala (which wasn’t very spicy by the way, I am a fan of milder food options) + vegetarian samosas. All the entrée dishes were very generous in serving and delicious.


Beautiful vegetarian samosas

I didn’t expect that we would have so much food but as the menu suggests, a banquet really does warrant what it promises.

In combination with the mains comprising of the butter chicken (Murg Makhani) and Saag Paneer (Creamy Spinach and Indian Cheese dish) + naan bread, we had a lot of food and ended up taking some away. I couldn’t let the thought of this kind of food going to waste.

As the restaurant has a full bar, you have an extensive choice of drinks on the menu and that part of the venue remains unchanged as I remember it 7 years ago.

The restaurant manager offered some desserts to us and recommended that we had the Mango and Raisin Kulfi and the Honey and Pistachio Kulfi/ ice creams.(Delhi Ki Sardi) Both really flavoursome and sweet in their own way. The ice cream was actually a perfect way to finish off a big meal, even though I really had to switch on my dessert stomach at that point.


Honey and Pistachio Kulfi

Staff were professional and friendly throughout the night, however the service was a little slow and the dinner took approx. 2 hours. (This was a Wednesday night). If you’re not in a hurry, and we were simply enjoying ourselves, the atmosphere is ambient, the staff polite and pleasant and the food homely, hearty and in generous servings. Promise you will not go home hungry! The wait staff also did apologise for the service taking a bit too long so we thought that maybe it was a certain night or the kitchen was particularly busy that night.

Overall my verdict is very positive. The food is delicious and atmosphere ambient. This venue would suit someone going out for a family meal and perfect for date night.

Delhi by the Way

Address: 42 Kellett St, Potts Point
Contact: (02) 9368 0123
Opening Hours:
Saturday 5–11pm
Sunday 5–11pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5–11pm
Wednesday 5–11pm
Thursday 5–11pm
Friday 5–11pm


*Article by Julia Kim Murphy (Founder of
LIVESHOPTRAVEL were invited to dine with Dehli By the Way for an honest review.