Exotic Places to Visit in Australia

Exotic Places to Visit in Australia

To any locals reading this, Australia might not stand out as the most exotic location in which to travel. But aside from the sunny locations like the Gold Coast or the Sydney harbour, there are a whole number of striking nature spots that are waiting to be admired, some more celebrated than others. An exotic place doesn’t have to have tall palm trees, straw huts and a shoreline of glowing white sand; exoticism can also be low-key, mysterious and intriguing. Here are a few different exotic places to visit during your time in Australia, whether you’re there for a lifetime or just a few weeks.


Lord Howe Island


With hiking, snorkelling, and hand-fishing galore, Lore Howe Island is an exotic destination that would fit comfortably on anyone’s bucket list. Beautiful beaches and reefs, several awards, and a World Heritage listing all play a part in making this island one of Australia’s most spectacular places to visit. Plus, the glorious nature is combined with top quality Lord Howe Island accommodation, thanks to resorts like the Pinetrees Lodge.

Great Ocean Road


Located in Victoria, the Great Ocean Road marks the home of the Twelve Apostles that stick out of the ocean just beyond the shore. This alone makes it a spectacular place to visit, but there are also plenty of community activities to partake in. For instance, the close by village known as Port Fairy is famous for its fishing, or you might be more interesting in staying at Queenscliff, a town that takes great pride in its beautiful architecture. Filled with history and a worthwhile range of surrounding villages to visit along the way, this road truly lives up to its name.


Phillip Island


Neighbouring Melbourne, Phillip Island covers a massive area with over 100 kilometres worth of seashore. Apart from its beautiful beaches, here you will discover just how stunning a coastline of rocks, mangroves and wetlands can really be. On top of this, penguins, koalas and fur seals – among other wildlife – roam the land with the same degree of confidence and freedom you will no doubt feel once you arrive. This location is ideal for travellers wishing to challenge their sense of adventure by scavenging through unaltered land.



Damon Wilder-Uluru Sunrise 1 Resized

Also known as the Red Centre (due to its red-ish appearance, and the fact that it is located in Central Australia), Uluru is perhaps the most famous and adored landmark on the continent. This sensational rock is well over three hundred meters high and is both spiritually and culturally valued by Indigenous Australians. Aside from the pleasure of being able to watch its colour change as the sun rises and sets, a series of Uluru tours can be taken for additional insight into the significance of this incredibly dramatic backdrop.


Upon reading about these locations, most people would agree that the most beautiful and fascinating parts of Australia can be found outside the big cities and closer to the outskirts of the land. It is here where magic feels entirely possible, where wildlife thrives and nature is indestructible. So if you’re hungry for a completely unique traveller’s experience, consider exploring these areas. Not only will you come out feeling invigorated, but your love for Australia will be well and truly realised and justified.



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