FM Hair review – Korean Hair Salon in Sydney

FM Hair review – Korean Hair Salon in Sydney

I usually get my hair done in Korean hair salons, after having experienced a few sloppy services in higher priced Toni and Guy  places.

My favourite one, which I still recommend to everyone to this day is Fiore Hair and Nail salon in Chatswood. Even though I don’t have a regular hairdresser there, the service is impeccable every time and I don’t have one negative thing to say about them. Most of the time I rock up without booking and I get served within 10 minutes or so, even though there are constantly so many people getting their hair done there. The end result is always ME=Happy with the service, my hair shiny and perfectly styled and the colour – exactly what I asked for! Not to mention WALLET = satisfied! Could you ask for better ?

My recent move to the city doesn’t help the situation with my love affair with Fiore. Chatswood can be a pain since you have to travel over the bridge (in my experience, something is always happening on the bridge when I am trying to cross it and it can take up to an hour to get to where I am going). Also, parking in Chatswood is not fun… Less shopping north shore mums!

So I stepped out on a search for a Korean hair salon in the Sydney CBD. If I was to forego the guaranteed great services of Fiore in hope of finding something similar, my best guess was to at least stick to Korean hair places. (Most of the time they know what they’re doing!)

Btw, did you know that the area around Liverpool st and Pitt st has an official “Korea Town” sign now? Once I saw it last Thursday, that’s exactly where I needed to be to find my next hair stylist guru.

The first place I stopped over at was Calla on Liverpool st. They have a decent sized studio and seemed busy, no one was waiting in the queue though. I was told to come back in half an hour. (Half an hour, and waste half of late night shopping? no thanks!)

Almost next door, I walked into FM Hair on Pitt st  - they seemed even busier than Calla and I thought I’d have to wait at least an hour. The studio also looked a bit smaller to me, but I was told to wait only 15 minutes. Scoping out that most of the people in the chairs getting their haircuts were men, I figured, it will actually be much quicker than that. And right I was…It was a 5 min waiting period before I got my hair shampooed, massaged and dried. How relaxing that was after an up and down week at work and other things happening in life at the moment.

Next I asked for my hair to be styled in curls. The girl who washed my hair helped a bit with the hairdryer but then the real professional took over. One second he was drying my hair, next minute he was rummaging through a pile of magazines. Then he pulled out a Grazia mag amongst all the Korean magazines I could’t read and passed it to me to keep me occupied. (What a sweet gesture!)

My guy couldn’t speak much English but he asked all the right questions with the limited language he knew and it wasn’t a barrier at all! He also knew exactly what he was doing and spent around 40 minutes styling my hair perfectly. I was certain it would cost me around $60. (Most places do a rush job and charge from $45-$50). The time and effort would sure cost more! I didn’t care at that point. It’s so rare to get decent service in Sydney these days without paying thousands of dollars! I was relaxed and that’s all that mattered…

Once my hair was styled – can I say – stunning job! I paid $30 for the whole thing – yes $30!

Couldn’t be happier, and will definitely go back. Thanks FM Hair! You did a fantastic job!

After this styling session, I felt like a new woman and decided to go shopping since I still had a lot of time to do so!

Here are some photos of my finished hairstyle:

The highlights in my hair are from a previous visit to Fiore (see how good they still look!). Last time I went there was about 3-4 months ago, maybe more. More importantly here, the shine is perfect!

The styled curls

Side view

Back view

Here is a review of FM hair from MIKETSU blog as well.

I’m interested to try FM Hair salon’s colour services in the near future, will let you know how I go!


Map of the FM hair salon location:

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  • Sharon

    wow, your hair looks fantastic! I love the curls – not too tight. Thanks so much for this review, I’ve been looking for a Korean hair salon since I got back from Seoul. I guess I’ll be heading over the FM after work today!

    - Sharon

    • LiveShopTravel

      Hi Sharon!
      I have been going to FM religiously now :)
      Glad you liked the review.
      Hope your experience at the salon was as good as mine!x

  • Jo

    No, I DON’t recommend that place. The price is reasonable with according sloppy service.
    It is my first time to be so unhappy after a hair cut with the female hairdresser there.
    She seemed so busy and treated my hair without too much care! I cut it myself this morning when I found a strand of hair sticked out from side of my neck. Can you imagine that? And I had to repeat myself twice for asking a glass of water! She simple just gave me a unwashed mug from the table to use, no disposable cup in the shop?
    I will try to be fair, maybe she is the only one doing this, or she had a bad day, but first impression does count!

    • LiveShopTravel

      I’m sorry you had a bad experience there :( I haven’t had a bad one yet and that’s why have recommended this place. They dyed my hair just before my big Europe trip so that turned out well also. Maybe it was just a bad day.

  • Mandy

    I couldn’t make it to city fm cause I live in home bush so I went to the one in Strathfield. They have 2 on the same road (why?? Don’t know) so I was confused to which one to go to. The one next to Optus I had to wait for an hour so I tried the other one. A lady wash cut and blow dried my hair and it cost $35. I’ve had the best haircut of my life. I’ll definitely be going back with all my friends.

    • LiveShopTravel

      I am happy you had a great experience there. I am about to do a new post on my new haircut which I love :)))

  • Faye

    What’s the guy’s name at FM.

    • LiveShopTravel

      I’m sorry I don’t know his name. Next time I go there I will make sure to ask for you!

  • Kate

    Do you know what time they are open til on Friday night? Should you book for blow dry/curls? Thnks :)

    • LiveShopTravel

      I’ve walked past Friday nights around 8pm and they seem to still be working. I am not 100% sure but probably good idea to book for a later time i n the night. I’ll try and get some info on open hours :)

    • LiveShopTravel

      I went in recently for a hair colour job and asked the lady what time they were open – their opening hours are quite long. Weekdays and Saturdays from 10am to 10pm and Sundays till 8pm :)

  • Moody

    On new years eve I went looking for FM not on the Optus side in Strathfield (perfect timing i know… but felt like doing my hair suddenly on the 30th.. Stupid k dramas… All these long beautiful hair!!). – I would’ve loved to go to the one in the city but didnt want to be anywhere near the city on New Years eve. I think i would’ve found this branch more easier if I was told the FM was on the ANZ bank side.. It took me ages to look for Optus… Any how found it and had a full colour and matching hair extensions… Plating full head extensions was $500 and colouring my hair with treatment cut and blow dry was $100. My hair was shoulder length and now I have long full natural looking hair like those girls in Kpop!!! Rubber ring hair extensions were 300 but when i tried it years back, they fell out easily so lasted only like 2 months…

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  • okie

    I used to have a great experience with one of the lady there, she’s pretty, good english, and a great hairdresser. than from time to time after 2-3 years passed, the service become quite bad. had the guy who cuts my hair, he can’t speak english that well, and he looks a bit grumpy when i told him i want my other side to be thinner because its a different thickness, and he kept insisting doing what he want. i got a description on how he looks like, he got a thin mustache.
    also from my sister in law experience, the people there can bitchin about you on your back when they know you’re not a korean, apparently my sister in law understood korean language.

    i understand no business can pleased every single customer, i’m not particularly going on about how bad FM is, but just be careful when choosing the hairdresser.

    • LiveShopTravel

      Thanks for your feedback on this! It’s good to know all experiences and you have a good point about choosing the right hairdresser. Usually when the hairdresser doesn’t seem to understand what I’m saying they will get someone who does and they help translate. I haven’t personally had a problem with understanding but see how this can happen!

  • Talat

    Ello! I’ve been looking up reviews of Fiore Hair and Nails and it all seems to be relatively positive! I’m interested in getting a cut and colour there but I was wondering if you could tell me more about the place? (prices and general service, and if you would recommend)

    Also, I’ve been trying to find someone who will do balayage for me without charging me through the roof for “colour correction.” Do you think they are competent to do balayage on dyed dark brown/black hair?

    Looking forward to your reply!

    • LiveShopTravel

      Hi! I am sure that the people at Fiore salon can help out with a colour correction or a balayage.
      I haven’t been to this salon for about 2 years to be honest. At the moment I keep going back to FM hair salon on Pitt st in the city and haven’t go a single complaint or negative experience. It helps to become a regular at a particular salon as people do remember you and you’ll receive a lot of special treatment over time. It also helps that they know you as they will listen to what you want as oppose to a regular hairdresser response where your ideas are dismissed.

      I would recommend going to FM. With Fiore, it used to be my favourite hair salon but I wouldn’t be able to comment on quality of their work currently as I haven’t been there for a while.
      Hope this helps? xx

  • Dre

    Can someone tell me a good Korean hairdresser in Southwest Sydney (outer suburbs)??

  • Kim

    Hi, I’ve booked an appointment with FM on Pitt st for perm hair straightening. Would you still recommend this salon? I can’t find many reviews for this salon to see what other people think. Thank you.

    • LiveShopTravel

      I still go to FM regularly. Ask for Kate if you want someone who is quite experienced and speaks good English.