What You Need To Run A Pop Up Clothing Store

What You Need To Run A Pop Up Clothing Store


Pop up clothing stores are all the rage right now. Many clothing stores and brands are using these exciting promotional avenues to show off new stock, test new styles with new customers or even sell off old stock at discount prices. While many brands are running pop up stores, the question still remains: what do you need to succeed? As they’re such a new concept, it can be difficult to source a complete guide to everything you need to make your pop up store a success. Here are a few great ideas to get you started though!


Dressing Room

Many people get so absorbed in the social media promotion or finding cool ways to display their goods that they forget there are a few items that you simply must have in your fashion pop up store. The first of which is a dressing room. While people are happy to buy online without trying anything one, very few people will buy clothing in person without they opportunity to try the pieces on and see how they look. You have a couple of options with dressing rooms – if you’re going the cheap route you could hang a couple of curtains in the back corner of the store. A more professional option is a pop up change room – available from promotional stores such as Tenji Concepts – these are perfect if pop up stores will be a regular part of your promotional strategy.



a-line-013Your pop up store needs to be visually appealing. For the most part, pop up stores attract new customers – many of whom won’t already know your brand – so you need your store to look exciting and attractive. In saying that, it’s really important to not go overboard with the displays and the pretty things. There’s something exciting about the temporary nature of pop up shops (and the idea that the store won’t be here forever often encourages browsers to purchase on the spot).



You cannot reluy on foot traffic alone. Advertising is important to entice potential customers to your store. Many pop up stores are only open for a few days or a few weeks, so you need to do as much promotion as you can to ensure as many people as possible come check out what you’ve got. Social media is a popular option – many fashion savvy shoppers spend a lot of time on Faceboook, Pinterest and Instagram. These options are good because they’re often relatively low cost, and you don’t want to spend more on advertising than you’re likely to make in sales. Make sure your advertising material stresses the short timeframe for your pop up store – you want to encourage customers to come visit now, not think about doing it in the next few months.


Pop up shops are a really great way to spread the word about your brand. When done correctly they can help you reach a whole heap of new followers, boost your brand’s relevance and, if all has gone to plan, generate a lot of revenue you can reinvest in next season’s line. Good luck!






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    This was an interesting post, are you planning on running a pop up store? Good point about change rooms, most pop ups don’t have one which is super annoying. Btw, I’m running a big mask giveaway on my blog. I would love it if you entered because I really love these masks and want to share my love hehe! http://kimkine.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/open-valentines-day-deluxe-mask.html

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