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If you’re developing an app for iPhone and iPad, there’s never been an easier way to test it, adjust it, improve it – before it goes live!

The platform is called TestFlight and is downloadable to an iPhone/iPad you’d like to test the new app on before it is submitted for approval to Apple.

This is how this simple design process works:

1. Track down your device’s UDID (unique id code) and send to the developer

2. A test copy of the app is emailed to you along with the provisioning file (license for the app – temporary!) You drag both onto your iTunes before syncing the device.

TestFlight acts as a bridge between the developer and the tester and you can see the app come to live without going through a lot of manual user interface work and back and forth communication. The apps under construction are simply uploaded onto TestFlight therefore eliminating any manual handling between users and developers what so ever!

This app helps developers enhance and polish their apps and you the end user gives their most honest feedback almost in real time.

System requirements: at least iOS 4.0 installed on your device.

To test flight on the fly, click here