To Tweet or not to Tweet?


I’ve had a Twitter account for a while now (@Jake213)

but only recently have I discovered how rewarding it is to invest a few minutes a day on Tweeting about a passion of yours or simply sharing an interesting article or two.

I share anything from a quick thought on Gasp of surprise on why the World didn’t end yesterday (Saturday 21st 2011)

or a latest digital trend I found to have potential to revolutionise the industry.

A few weeks ago I responded directly to one of my favourite writers Erik Qualman (@equalman) (keynote speaker and author of the best selling book “Socialnomics”)

Erik says – ” We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it”

And damn right he is!

So I mentioned to @equalman, oh something along the lines of  “your book is my bible!”  and Mr equalman himself responded with a thanks and wished me luck in my digital career!  I couldn’t believe it! It made my day!

Since then my appreciation for Twitter has grown three fold. It is amazing how accessible it has become to have a quick tet-a-tet with a favourite author, political figure or a super star.

I still can’t get Lite’n Easy to respond to my consumer query on orders and nutritional information, but here I have Erik Qualman, one of the most sought after speakers  in the Digital world responding to my thank you note with style and wishing me luck!

Businesses need to get on this pronto! Why can’t customer service for a business ( should I mention I am throwing money at them?)respond to my query faster than a celebrity on tour around the globe?

Social media has changed the way we think, act and communicate – that’s why I am shocked at those who absolutely refuse to jump on the band wagon! Akhm ( Lite’n easy!)

Tweet! Peace out!