Famous body parts own Facebook pages?

I still can’t get over this…

So we’ve all seen the Royal Wedding, the newsagenst are still trying to sell off all the coin,plate, stamp collections of the Royal Couple tying the knot. It’s haunting us but not to the extreme extent any more.

The Middletons have shot to fame overnight, particularly Kate’s sister Pippa. Mainly because many agree that Pippa is quite good looking.

So naturally when I found out that she has a Facebook page created by fans, it wasn’t a surprise, it was more like a given.

But when I read this on www.socialnomics.net :

’215,000 “Like” Pippa Middleton’s tush on Facebook’

I thought it was a joke….

but on closer inspection, there is a dedicated Facebook page to Pippa Middleton’s bum and it gets some traction!

Most businesses can only dream of getting this much attention!

See for yourself: (@ facebook link below)


and since 19 days ago, the count has increased to 223,349 “Like”s , Yikes! (That’s 400+ likes a day!)

The full article can be found @ socialnomics.net below, as written up by E. Qualman


If I were an advertiser I would be getting dibs on corporate sponsorship for that famous tush of the Princess’ smokin’ sista!

P.S. I thougt I would stay away from liking this particular FB page, but I am so curious on what the weekly updates are and what Pippa’s tush writes on her wall and does it engage users as most brands should, we want instant responses and reciprocal conversations dammit!

Something to think about …….