Cronuts or Zonuts – the new macaron? The new dessert obsession from NYC now in Sydney

I’ve been seeing these so called (k)ronuts or cronuts everywhere – online that is (not in real life, otherwise I’d be eating one right now!) A hybrid of doughnut and croissant.

With the description of these sweet bombs, I imagine that the taste goes like this: explosion of freshly baked pastry and softness and butteriness of croissant mixed with the glaze and the hotness of an oven fresh doughnut! Nom!

So why haven’t I seen them in Sydney!? Such injustice in this world.

I’m following this cafe in Melbourne called Little Henri and they’ve posted this on their FB this week:


They’re teasing me! I had a bit of a tet-a-tet with them in regards to this photo and next time I’m in Melbourne I’m making sure these kronuts are where they should be – in my belly!

There is a recipe I don’t think I should be trying (based on past experience of failed macarons) -even though its tempting on Daily Life. How to make a (k)ronut – one that looks like this:



or like this:

cronut2This inspiration like many others come from New York, like the macaron which swept the fame bucket a few years back, now is the cronut or zonut.

Adriano Zumbo is of course jumping in with bringing this pastry obsession train to Australia. Read full article on SMH here and NEWS here.

I have been frequenting the Zumbo shop in the Star and I have not seen a cronut in there yet (or ‘zonut’, the Zumbo version). WHY? Going in this weekend!

Apparently Zumbo’s zonuts have been out for about a week and delivered to Rozelle and The Star bakeries. Below are the images and flavours: Lemon Meringue and Caramel. (Courtesy, Zumbo facebook page)

1017455_456181984469774_1820109259_n cronuts

Maybe I should just move to NY and see what else will be happening in Sydney in a few years time – it’s like looking into a Crystal Ball.

Have you tried this new crazy dessert? What do you think?