The Anti Ageing Breakthrough Treatment Set to Revolutionise Everything You Know – Because Science!

The Anti Ageing Breakthrough Treatment Set to Revolutionise Everything You Know – Because Science!

There are so many anti ageing treatments out there and we don’t usually know which one to choose. Some ingredients are vital – Retinol, Vitamin C, AHA etc

How do these ingredients work and which ones actually show any results?

I went to an interesting launch recently – it was the reveal of ONE Truth 818 Serum.

818 treatment bottle and boxThis product is set to revolutionise the anti ageing industry with all the incredible research that’s been put into this serum.

If you are a bit of a science nerd, you’ll enjoy this spiel: (if not, just scroll down to a quick summary and some more photos of product + trial results)

For the launch we sat through a fascinating lecture, presented by Dr Bill Andrews, the professor and scientist behind the 1 truth serum. Due to the high potency of the 818 ingredient, which is the number of the particle that has been proven to extend the life of telomeres , 1 Truth 818 is the most efficiently proven anti-ageing treatment in the beauty industry today. Telomeres are something all living creatures have, and these are basically ‘strings’ in our chromosomes. The longest age a human being is calculated to live to is 152. Most of the time it’s less than that. This is because our telomeres shorten over time and when they get to a critically low level, that’s when we die. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, no smoking, less stress are contributors to a reduced rate of telomere shortening and the opposite way for those with damaging lifestyle choices. All diseases which naturally come with old age are the result of shortening telomeres and unfortunately we can’t do much to stop that process. If we ask ourselves why we age – the answer is Our telomeres are simply shortening. Every time a cell regenerates itself (splits) – when we grow, when our skin particles renew themselves, when we need to repair something internally, our bodies are constantly working, the telomeres shorten within those cells. It’s almost like we have a limited number of building blocks and once those are used up, our bodies are no longer functional. That’s why more often than not we feel young in spirit, it’s just our bodies that become fragile and weak over time. Women are proven to live longer than men and that is because our telomeres are a bit longer i.e. we have more of them. Cats and Dogs have shorter telomeres than humans and so on. There is an exact correlation between life span and the length of telomeres one possesses. A scary but fascinating thing we can do these days is find out how many telomeres we have left. That will then be a predictor of approximately how long we have left to live! (Scary stuff huh?) I don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon or maybe it will actually be a motivator to live life as a happy person and not sweat the small stuff :)

The molecule TAM818 is the world’s most powerful Telomerase inducer, a molecule that rejuvenates telomeres hence rewinding skin ageing. Molecule TAM 818 is the highest potency agent that has been discovered so far in Sierra Sciences (Founded by Dr Bill Andrews ). This means that the rate of telomere shortening is reduced by about 14%. Dr Bill Andrews wants to discover a molecule that will not only stop the ageing process but help lengthen telomeres, thus reversing the ageing process. Think of it a a “tug of war” scenario where the telomere shortening is being pulled one way and lengthening is pulled the other. Sierra Sciences want to get to a point where the lengthening side is stronger.

Layout 818

Tam 818 Treatment in Hand


The Serum

818 product on hand I’ve been using 1 Truth 818 Serum for the past couple of months. It’s Very moisturising, pleasant smelling and non greasy. Gets absorbed by the skin really quickly and is easy to apply. The recommended way to use this product is morning and night after cleansing. There are numerous Before and After testimonials if you are interested here and Clinical Results here.

My initial impression is that the product works on some level. There is definitely a sense of rejuvenation. I can see that my skin is fresher in the morning and there is a bit more bounce to it. Seeing as I don’t have any visible wrinkles on my face yet, I am not able to say whether there was significant wrinkle improvement. It’s always a good idea to use these products as a preventative measure anyway and if the ageing process is slowing down, who is to say that I will not look 20 in my 50s? I really hope that that will be the case but I can’t tell you in this blog post unfortunately. I have to see that day when it comes.

I’ve tried Retinol and Retin-A products – those things are potent. You can smell the chemical scent and the skin can sometimes tingle and even peel after prolonged use. I haven’t felt anything like that with 1 Truth 818. Just really well looked after, moisturised skin.

It’s a pleasant product to use and if you always follow the latest and the best in anti ageing I would definitely recommend trying this product. It is the latest in terms of scientific tests when it comes to telomere study. The lab results don’t lie when it comes to the potency of this molecule and it’s the only serum out there at the moment which can claim the benefits of the 818 patented technology. All I can say is that this serum is really pleasant to use and you will feel a rejuvenation in your skin’s elasticity, tone and moisture after a few weeks of use. Now whether it reverses ageing, only time will tell, and I will make sure I let you know!


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Do you use Anti Ageing products? Which would you recommend?




Disclaimer: I haven’t been paid to endorse this product, I have attended the launch and met Dr Bill Andrews personally and have received the serum as a gift.